Best Product – Milwaukee Ratchets are Now Available

Milwaukee Ratchet

Milwaukee’s full-polish 90-tooth ratchets are now available for open stock purchase, meaning you can buy them individually and not just as part of a set.

Available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ drive sizes, the new ratchets have 90 teeth, for a 4° swing arc. A slim profile and flush directional lever helps with accessibility in tighter spaces.


Milwaukee says that their new ratchets allows users to access their work in tighter spaces whether is under the hood of a car or the middle of a remodel.

  • 3/8″ ratchet is 8.5″ long, 0.9″ wide, 1.25″ tall, and weighs 0.78 lbs (model 48-22-9038)
  • 1/4″ ratchet is 6″ long, 0.8″ wide, 1″ tall, and weighs 0.28 lbs (model 48-22-9014)

Price: $40 for 3/8″, $30 for $1/4″

Buy Now(3/8″ ratchet via Home Depot)
Buy Now(1/4″ ratchet via Home Depot)
Compare(Gearwrench 84T via Amazon)

Milwaukee Chrome Finish Socket Set

Of course, if you want a new socket set, you have that option as well.

Buy Now(Milwaukee socket sets via Home Depot)

First Thoughts

The general design appeals to me, but I haven’t been interested enough to request or purchase review samples yet. Still, I think that Milwaukee has done right to offer the ratchets individually. With their first swivel-head ratchet and socket set, featured here, that ratchet was only available as part of the kit.

No quick release button? That’s okay; some of my favorite ratchets lack quick release buttons. If you want a quick socket release function, there are plenty others to choose from.

Milwaukee’s sockets are the stars of their sets, but I think the ratchets look decent. If I were in the market for 90-tooth ratchets, these would likely be on my shortlist, but there’s a lot of competition.

Would you buy one of these ratchets?