Best Product – Milwaukee Improves Hole Dozer Hole Saws and Cases

Milwaukee Hole Dozer Gen 2 2021

Milwaukee Tool is bringing new changes to their line of Hole Dozer hole saw products.

A little over a year ago, Milwaukee refreshed the design with new plug-removal holes. Now, they have updated their bi-metal hole saws with a new tooth design.


Milwaukee says that the new hole saws will have a 3.5 TPI tooth design, and this provides for the:

unmatched durability to provide users with the longest life in metal-cutting applications.

The updated Hole Dozer hole saws feature an all-access slot design, for easier plug removal and also better visibility of the pilot droll bit for accurate placement.

The previous generation of Hole Dozer hole saws had a 4/5 variable TPI design.

Milwaukee says that theirs are the industry’s only hole saws with a Lifetime Tooth Break Warranty, which they say helps to make them the most durable hole saws on the market.

Milwaukee Hole Dozer Gen 2 2021 Customizable Hole Saw Case

Perhaps most exciting about this news is that Milwaukee will be updating their hole saw cases with a new design with interchangeable pins that allows for customization.

Milwaukee says that the new cases will be compatible with all of their hole saws, and the small case size will easily fit into Packout storage solutions.

Interchangeable posts might not sound like a big deal, but this lets you customize the sizes and numbers of hole saws you pack with you.

I bought a larger Milwaukee hole saw set a few years back, and one of the posts broke off during shipping, creating a frustration that I have not yet forgotten about. These new removable and customizable posts look more durable. It’s also a hassle to drag that larger case around when I know I might just need a couple of specific sizes for a given project.

Milwaukee Small Hole Dozer Customizable Hole Saw Case
Milwaukee Small Hole Dozer Customizable Hole Saw Case

It looks like the new cases will have a double-action hinge that allows the lid to nest under the case for unencumbered access.

There are SKUs for two case styles:

  • 49-56-1006 – small Hole Dozer case
  • 49-56-1007 – large Hole Dozer case

Milwaukee Large Hole Dozer Hole Saw Set with Customizable Case

The large case has a more robust latch, as well as reinforced corners.

Both of the new Hole Dozer hole saw cases have flexible webbing-based handles that should fold flat for easier stowing.

Price: $10 for the small case, $20 for the large case
ETA: Feb 2021