Best Product – Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife Bundle Deal (H2019)

Home Depot 2019 Holiday Promotion 2 Pack Milwaukee Fastback Knives

This year’s Holiday season Milwaukee Fastback utility knife bundle is a little more expensive than last year’s, but it does come with different tools.

You can buy this deal at Home Depot online or at your local store’s tool gift center.

With this deal, 48-22-1502GR, you get:


  • Fastback folding utility knife with blade storage (48-22-1502) $15
  • Fastback compact folding utility knife (48-22-1500) $9
  • 50pc general purpose blade pack (48-22-1950) $10
2 Pack Milwaukee Fastback Knives what is included

So with this deal you get ($15+$9+$10) or $34 of tools in a $20 value pack. The display says the deal is a $33 value — maybe they are rounding down or using slightly different pricing.

These knives are both updated models, part of Milwaukee’s late-2019 refresh of all Fastback utility knives, confirmed by their model numbers.

Here’s what the 2018 deal included:

  • Fastback folding utility knife (48-22-1901) $12
  • Fastback compact folding utility knife (48-22-1906) $9
  • 50pc general purpose blade pack (48-22-1950) $10

So with the 2018 deal, you got ($12+$9+$10) or $31 of tools for $15.

While the new Fastback knives are priced the same as their predecessors, there are some subtle styling differences and functionality updates.

Here’s Milwaukee’s summary about the changes:

The [updated Fastback] utility knives have been enhanced with improved, durable wire belt clips for reduced pocket-tearing and lanyard holes for easy tethering. The quick change function has been moved to the back and a metal extension has been added to prevent accidental blade removal.

Milwaukee Fastback Compact Folding Utility Knife 48-22-1500 Spring Clip

Both of the Fastback knives have the following features:

  • Press-and flip opening
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Wire belt clip
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Blade holder for scoring

The Fastback folding utility knife with blade storage has on-board storage for up to 5 blades and what they call a gut hook, which is actually for cutting twine or other cord without having to open the knife.

Price: $19.88

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The 50 pack of general purpose utility knife blades is the same as last year. The blades you can buy off the shelf at the store are made in the USA, and the ones in these bundle packs are made in China. Stuart discussed this last year if you want more details.