Best Product – Milwaukee Fastback Pocket Knife and Free Utility Knife Bonus Deal

Home Depot Milwaukee Knife Combo Pack

Over at Home Depot, there’s a new special promo bundle where you buy a Milwaukee Fastback Flip pocket knife and get a free Fastback utility knife.

The Fastback Flip pocket knife, which debuted around this time last year, is a quick-opening folding knife. It opens in the same push button and flick wrist motion as Milwaukee’s popular Fastback knife, but has a liner lock and plain edge drop point blade.


So for $15, you get the Fastback Flip AND the original Fastback utility knife.

Right now, this is an online-only deal. Shipping is free with a $45+ order, or you can opt for ship-to-store in-store pickup.

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I like Milwaukee’s Fastback and Fastback 2 utility knives, but feel somewhat neutral about the Flip pocket knife. As a pocket knife, it’s kind of crude and simplistic, and requires a dramatic flick of the wrist to deploy the blade. There aren’t that many excellent $15 knives out there, but there are a couple of $15-$20 pocket knives that I would prefer to carry and use over the Milwaukee. As a general purpose beater knife, it’s tough, solid-feeling, functional enough, and definitely at home in a workshop or jobsite setting. But it’s a little out of place in any other setting, which I guess is okay since it was designed for use by construction professionals and other such users.

My guess is that this deal will expire when supplies run out, probably between now and the end of the year.