Best Product – Milwaukee 3/8″ Socket Sets and Packout Cases Combo Deal

Milwaukee Packout Socket Sets Combo

Milwaukee’s mechanics tool set and Packout tool box bundles have been a huge hit. I’ve been watching this combo bundle, which comes with a Milwaukee 3/8″ 28pc SAE ratchet and socket set, and a 3/8″ 32pc metric ratchet and socket set, and it’s back in stock, presumably with very limited supplies.

Both sets are $99 individually, and this bundle deal gives you both for $195.


Milwaukee Packout Socket Sets Combo Screenshot

Both sets come with removable trays and slim Packout organizers.

I set a notification alert, as this bundle has been out of stock all season, and received a “back in stock” email earlier today.

When I checked, it was out of stock again. Now, checking yet again, it’s back in stock. I have a feeling it’ll go in and out of stock a few more times before selling out again.

Price: $195

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Is This a Good Buy?

Here’s where things get complicated. Is this a good buy? Yes, you save $5 $3 if you want both socket sets compared to buying them separately.

Before anyone asks “what about the larger 106 pc set?” that set has been out of stock since I learned about it.

See Also: 106pc Set via Home Depot

(And yes, it’s glorious.)

Back to the point – are these Packout mechanics tool sets worth it?


But… then why did I buy similar sets with blow-molded cases? My Ohio Power Tool 1/4″ socket sets just came in, and I also got a 3/8″ set from Home Depot’s Cyber Monday sale. Now, I just need a 1/2″ combo set.

If the Packout sets are worth it, why did I buy the non-Packout case versions with the same tools? Quite frankly, the Cyber Monday deals were too good to pass up, and I plan on putting the tools in tool box drawer anyway.

I have Packout and non-Packout versions of these mechanics tool sets, and will use both in coming weeks and months to see which might work out better.

To be frank, even Milwaukee’s regular socket set cases are much better than the ones I’ve seen and used from many other brands before.

Yes, I know some of you are thinking that you wish metal tool boxes and socket set cases returned, but I think Milwaukee has the right idea here.

Lastly, if this set bundle sells out, check back again, just in case. I don’t think that it’s this bundle that’s hugely popular, but that the metric set keeps selling out.

Also, keep in mind that these are two separate sets, and so you get 2 ratchets and 2 sets of extensions. A SAE + metric socket set will be a little more cost effective if you didn’t care about having separate drive tools in each case.