Best Product – Meet the Craftsman 4-in-1 Adjustable Wrench and Pry Bar Demo Tool

Over at Instagram yesterday, I posted about the Stanley FatMax demo wrench that I came across in a store a couple of years ago.

Craftsman Adjustable Wrench with Hammer and Pry Bar

Well, there’s now a Craftsman model, CMMT12003.

It looks updated compared to the FatMax version, although not necessarily improved. If you ask me, the differences all look to be cosmetic. There could be some functional strength enhancements – it’s really hard to tell – but I would say probably not.

So… what might one use this Craftsman adjustable wrench with pry bar for?

I’m sorry, it’s not just a wrench with a pry bar, Craftsman says this is a 4-in-1 tool.

The demolition tool has the following features and functions:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pry bar
  • Nail puller
  • Hammer strike face

The strike face is “dedicated and reinforced” for “hammering nails.”

I posted about the Stanley FatMax wrench four years ago:

Now under Craftsman branding, this is still a very interesting and special tool.

Yes, of course it looks silly and gimmicky at first glance. And, it might also invoke an eyebrow-raise with subsequent glances as well.

But, here’s the big question – does it work?

The adjustable wrench? Looks pretty functional to me. Although I would urge anyone and everyone to consider Channellock adjustable wrenches, Stanley and other Stanley Black & Decker brands have made some decent adjustable wrenches in the past.

What about the pry bar and nail puller? Granted the adjustable wrench head doesn’t make the best handle, but it could work.

The hammering strike face? I’ve used tools improperly before, and this one just has a flat dedicated surface for such a task.

This is far from being the only multi-functional adjustable wrench on the market, but at least with this one Stanley and FatMax knew what they were going for – a demolition tool.

Would I rather have a pry bar, adjustable wrench, and demo hammer? Of course. But here’s a 10″ tool that does all of that for users who might want to save some space in their tool bag.

Price: $19

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