Best Product – Lowe’s Dewalt 5pc Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit Deal for Black Friday 2019

Dewalt DCKSS520D2 20V Max Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

Lowe’s will be featuring this Dewalt 20V Max 5-tool cordless power tool combo kit as part of their Black Friday 2019 tool deals and promos (DCKSS520D2).

Starting Thanksgiving Day, this kit will go on sale for $249.


Right now, it has the ridiculously inflated price of $549. Seriously? You can get a SOOOOOO much better cordless power tool combo kit for this price. It’s just comical how inflated $549 is for what you get.

But $249? That’s actually going to be very hard to beat. I guess saying “was $549” will get the target audience more interested in the deal?

The drill is Dewalt’s brushed motor “holiday special” that is now featured in a bunch of their value-focused 20V Max cordless power tool combo kits. The impact is their regular model, as is the LED flashlight, and the circular saw and reciprocating saw are their standard “combo kit” models.

You get a charger, (2) 2.0Ah compact battery packs, and what looks to be an upgraded tool bag.

The 2.0Ah batteries won’t get you very far with the circular saw and reciprocating saw, but 1.3Ah or 1.5Ah would fare much worse.

Overall, I’d describe this deal as “not bad.” The huge pre-sale price tag is designed to be slashed dramatically, but it’s best to ignore it. $549 is not an accurate representation of what this kit would be valued at. $249 seems about right, even $279.

Black Friday 2019 Price: $249

Buy Now via Lowe’s

A Much Better Deal!

Dewalt DCK520D1M1 Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

Over at Home Depot, they have a different Dewalt 20V Max 5-tool cordless power tool combo kit (DCK520D1M1). Right now it’s priced at $299, but they’ve shaved a little off the price in the past with deals of the day.

It comes with a better cordless drill/driver than the Lowe’s kit, and also two batteries – a 2.0Ah battery, and a 4.0Ah battery. The higher capacity battery is a better pairing for the circular saw and reciprocating saw, or even if you need longer runtime with the flashlight.

Yes, this kit is $50 more than the Lowe’s deal, or $249 less if you consider their ridiculous pre-sale pricing. But, you get a better drill and a better combination of batteries. You get a regular tool bag and not the fancier one as with the Lowe’s deal, but that’s not a big deal, right?

I’d describe this Home Depot deal as “very good,” and if the price drops any lower than this, it’ll be upgraded to “excellent value.”

Price: $299

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Makita XT505 18V 5-Tool Cordless Combo Kit

If you’re consider $299 cordless power tool combo kits, I think this Makita 18V combo is also a great deal worth consideration.

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Additional Discussion

$250 to $300 is not a lot of money when it comes to cordless power tools.

Both of these kits have a fairly standard “starter” package of cordless tools. They come with a drill, impact driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, flashlight, 2 batteries, charger, and a tool bag.

The Lowe’s deal gives you a better-looking tool bag, but you get their cheaper drill and both batteries are compact and less ideally matched to the saws.

The Home Depot deal doesn’t have any “gotchas” in comparison. The saws are both “combo kit versions,” but that’s not a big deal these days. It’s common for combo kits and not just holiday specials.

Reader Thoughts?

Is there a different 5-tool cordless combo kit you’d recommend to anyone looking to buy a full set of core tools for under $300?