Best Product – Lenox Multi-Bit Screwdriver Deal (Black Friday Week 2020)

Lenox Multi-Bit Screwdriver

As you might know, I have been checking Amazon’s tool deal listing regularly, sorting through it all to separate the “wow that’s a good deal” promos from the “uch, stuff no real tool user wants” noise.

Day 1

Amazon: Hey, this Lenox multi-bit screwdriver is on sale for $8.98.


Me: Meh, that’s not an exciting deal.

Day 2

Amazon: Hey there, it’s still on sale.

Me: That’s nice.

Day 3-11

Same as before.

Day 12

I don’t know how many days it’s been, but it feels like this Lenox multi-bit screwdriver has been an Amazon tool department front-page deal for most of the month.

Yes, the handle looks comfortable. Yes, the bit selection looks useful. Yes, $8.98 seems like a good price.

Okay, okay, I’ll bite. Let’s take a look.

The same screwdriver looks to be regularly priced at $11 or $12, depending on the retailer. It’s on sale at a few places right now.

Lenox Multi-Bit Screwdriver Tips


I see 4 screwdriver bit tips, 2 nut driver sockets. Isn’t this a 6-in-1 screwdriver.

Update: 2 more hidden inner-facing bit tips plus one more nut driver size = 3 more for 9-in1.

How do they get 9-in-1?

The Lenox Tools 23932 9-in-1 Mullet-tool Screw Driver is a versatile and comfortable driver that will allow you to work with a variety of fasteners. The 6-in-1 Screw Driver features a slip resistant, ergonomic grip that MAX the amount of torque you can use.


Seems like the 6-in-1 and 9-in-1 listings ended up mashed together. Aside from that, no one at Stanley Black & Decker or Amazon caught how this screwdriver is being called a mullet-tool.

I’d guess they accidentally reused some of the marketing copy for Irwin’s 9-in-1 multi-bit screwdriver ($11.32 via Amazon). I have an Irwin screwdriver just like that one, and it’s held up well over the years.


I missed that one of those double-sided bits has multiple components. This could very well me a 9-in-1!

Lenox Multi-Bit Screwdriver Parts

I dug this photo up from Lenox’s website, but I’m not quite sure what it’s showing. Is this for the 6-in-1?

Okay, I am sold on the idea that this Lenox mullet-tool screwdriver is a good deal at $9. (Sorry, I still find that slip-up funny. Autocorrect?)

It seems that the 6-in-1 is $8, and the 9-in-1 is $9.

I think that this would be a good buy whether I was looking to buy something for me, or a small gift or stocking stuffer type of tool for someone just starting out with their first brand-name hand tools.

Buy it Now via Amazon – $9 at the time of this posting
See Also: Lenox 6-in-1 via Amazon – $8 at the time of this posting

What do you think? Rate this deal!

*Crossing my fingers that this Lenox screwdriver sells out so that I don’t keep seeing it on Amazon’s tool deals front page listings.*

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