Best Product – Leatherman Updates Wave Plus, Charge Plus, Charge TTi Plus Multi-Tools with Replaceable Wire Cutter Blades

Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool Cutting Wire

Leatherman has made a small but significant change to their Wave, Charge, and Charge TTi multi-tools. Each now features new pliers jaws, with user-replaceable wire cutter blades. The new versions are named Wave Plus, Charge Plus, and Charge Plus TTi.

Letherman Wave and Charge Multi-Tool Pliers Jaws Upgrade


Previously, these pliers had fixed jaws. Mangle the cutting edge by using them on something too hard, and it would scar your pliers for the life of the tool.

Leatherman Wave Pliers Jaws

Here are the jaws of my Leatherman Wave, reviewed here. I use them occasionally, but only on copper wire and other soft materials. I never used them on things like piano wire, for fear of permanently damaging and deforming them.

Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool

This is what the new Leatherman Wave Plus looks like. It has all the same great tools and features, but you now get replaceable wire cutter blade inserts.

Many of Leatherman’s heavy duty tools, such as the OHT (reviewed here), and Rebar (reviewed here) feature these replaceable wire cutter blades as well.

I can’t say I have had to replace any of my wire cutter blade inserts yet, but I do use the tools on more risky materials, knowing that I can.

Leatherman’s mid-sized multi-tool prices have increased in recent years, but they’re still the best multi-tools I’ve used.

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