Best Product – Latest Craftsman Tools at Lowes Update (April 2018)

Craftsman Tools at Lowes April 2018

Over at Lowes, there’s a new Craftsman tools page up, advertising that the brand is coming to Lowes on April 2nd.

What kinds of Craftsman tools are coming to Lowes?


From automotive restoration to home DIY projects, stock your garage with Craftsman power tools. Looking for the perfect place to store your tool set? Lowe’s has you covered with Craftsman tool storage. Transform your workspace with a Craftsman upright tool storage chest, or go where the job is with a Craftsman portable tool storage chest. Or keep a set of Craftsman mechanic tools in your car for every roadside job.

So… a lot – power tools, tool storage, mechanics tool sets.

Craftsman Ratchet at Lowes April 2018

There’s an image of a new ratchet design, and it looks decent.

Here’s word about the Craftsman warranty:

Generation to Generation: A Craftsman Warranty*

The Craftsman warranty is a dedication to a lifetime of quality and service for every Craftsman customer, generation to generation.

For more information, call 1-888-331-4569.

*Warranty varies by Craftsman product.

Lowes also has a new Craftsman tools email list, where you can sign up to “get the latest Craftsman news and developments at Lowe’s, including promotions, dates and events.” That’s a good thing too, because nobody else has been telling us about Craftsman developments.

In our last Craftsman Tools pre-release update, I relayed the expectation that Craftsman tools would first hit store shelves in the second half of 2018. That puts this “coming April 2nd” announcement ahead of schedule by several months. We also haven’t heard a peep from Stanley Black & Decker about their Craftsman launch.

I’m just guessing, but I think this is what we’ll see: a new Craftsman cordless drill, or cordless drill and impact driver combo kit, one or two mechanics tool sets, and a large tool storage product of some kind.

Father’s Day is coming up, and I would think that any 3Q release at Lowes would be in support of Father’s Day sales. A soft launch of promo tools leading up to a bigger launch makes sense. Plus, with Amazon also set to sell Craftsman tools, an early limited launch at Lowes has added marketing benefits, beyond putting a high-interest brand in front of Father’s Day gift and deal shoppers.

The nearest Lowes store from me is ~25 minutes away, and they never have new or seasonal tools on display. A much better Lowes is maybe 50 minutes from here, without traffic. I likely won’t be able to see what hits the shelves next week.

I wonder if the new releases, or whatever Lowes means by “Coming April 2”, will be available in stores or online only. What do you think?

With April 2nd as the big day, at least we can be reasonably certain that this isn’t an April Fools Day joke. Right?

More Info(via Lowes)