Best Product – Knipex Pliers and Cutters Tool Set Deal – Amazon Black Friday Week 2020

Knipex Pliers Gift Set 2020

I spotted a new Knipex hand tools gift set, over at Amazon. To be frank, I can’t tell if it’s already on sale, or if this is destined to be a secret and abrupt Black Friday or Cyber Monday tool deal.

The set comes with Knipex Cobra 10″ adjustable pliers (87 01 250), and 8″ diagonal cutters (74 01 200), plus a carrying bag.


These German-made tools are among Knipex’s most popular offerings. The Cobra pliers are typically priced at $35 by itself, and the diagonal cutters are currently priced at $30.66 – which is around what I paid about a year ago.

Okay, so you get ~$65-66 worth of hand tools, plus a carrying bag, for $55.81.

In other words, you save ~$10 off the price of the two tools by themselves, and you get the bonus bag.

This seems like a decent deal.

I wish that this bundle set was available last year – I probably would have bought it over just the diagonal cutters by itself. But what can you do – does anyone have a time machine?

Price: $55.81

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I’ll be watching the pricing of this Knipex hand tool pairing over the holiday season, just in case it’s discounted as part of a promo. And if it’s not, $10 savings is still $10 I can spent on something else.