Best Product – Knipex Magnetic LED Pliers Light – is This a Bright Idea?

Knipex Pliers with LED Light Attachment

The Knipex 0011V50 is a magnetic LED lamp that looks to attach to most styles of pliers.

It’s a fairly simple idea, but one that seems quite convenient. This is basically a small keychain-sized flashlight with a boxy shape and magnetic mount.


Knipex LED Light Pliers Module

The Knipex pliers worklight has an on/off sliding button and comes with a snap-hook connector so you can add it to a keyring.

It has an impact-resistant plastic housing, measures 21 x 10 mm, and weighs 8 grams.

The light is powered by user-replaceable batteries – 2 CR1220 button cells – which provide approximately 24 hours of runtime.

Knipex Long Nose Pliers with LED Light Attachment

This seems like a neat idea for working in dark spaces and cabinets, and that the module is magnetic means you can attach it to many different makes and models of pliers.

If you’re worried about knocking the magnet loose, it does have a small loop for the included snap-hook fastener, and so it should be easy enough to create a small tether for it, just in case.

Craftsman Lighted Diagonal Cutters
Craftsman Lighted Diagonal Cutters

We’ve seen pliers with built-in worklights before, and while the Knipex magnetic light module adds some bulk to any tool you attach it, its mobility makes it much more versatile.

It’s interesting how a built-in LED light makes the older Craftsman pliers seem gimmicky, while the Knipex seems like a more professional accessory.

Price: ~$13

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Alternatively, you could improvise with something like the Photon keychain light or less expensive options, but the Knipex module seems much more streamlined with its magnetic mount. The Knipex also seems well-sized for placement on most full-size pliers’ pivot zone.

Obviously this will work better on full-size pliers than precision pliers, adjustable pliers (like the Cobra), or specialty pliers (like the Pliers Wrench).