Best Product – Klein Tools Home Depot Pro Black Friday 2019 Deals

Home Depot Klein Tools Black Friday 2019 Special Buys Display Day 1

Home Depot’s PRO Black Friday 2019 sales event has not gone live yet, but a lot of the tool displays were set up at my local store last week. There have been special Klein tool deals in previous years, and this year there are two small promo tool sets. One of them is already sold out locally.

There are no product pages for these kits (yet?), and from what I can tell, both bundles are specially configured as Home Depot special buys. The tools appear to be Klein’s regular main-line tools, meaning it appears the promos are Home Depot exclusives, but not the individual tools. In other words, the tools themselves don’t seem to be “special buys.”


Home Depot Klein Tools Black Friday 2019 Special Buys Display Pliers and Screwdriver

First, we have Klein tool set MPZ00055, featuring a Klein multi-bit screwdriver and larger diameter wire strippers that cover 8 to 16 AWG solid and 10 to 18 AWG stranded.

The wire strippers, model 11054 or very similar, sell for $20 at Home Depot and $17.40 (as of the time of this posting) at Amazon.

The screwdriver looks to be Klein’s 11-in-1, which sells for $15 via Amazon (before clickable coupon). Klein has other multi-bit screwdrivers, but the shape of the shaft on this one suggests it’s the 11-in-1. I believe that’s what I observed with the in-store packaging as well, but it doesn’t look like I have a photo to confirm it 100%.

$20 for this set seems to be a great value if you can use the wire strippers. Everyone can always have more multi-bit screwdrivers, right?

Home Depot Klein Tools Black Friday 2019 Special Buys Display Electrical Testing Kit

Then there is this Klein Tools electrical test kit, ET45KIT.

This set comes with an ET45 voltage tester, RT210 GFCI outlet tester, and NCVT-2 voltage tester.

* Prices are as of the time of this posting.

Looking around, I can find a different bundle with the voltage detector and a non-GFCI outlet tester for $30 at HD.

So, to me, this looks like a very nicely-priced package at $25.

Home Depot Klein Tools Black Friday 2019 Special Buys Display Half Empty

When I returned to my local Home Depot store 3 days later, the entire supply of electrical testing kit promo bundles were sold out. It looks like only a couple of wire stripper and screwdriver bundles were sold.

It’s possible there’s another box of these tools waiting to go on display this week or next week when the Home Depot Pro Black Friday deals go live. Maybe there will be a supply at warehouses as well, to fulfill online orders. Right now, there are no product pages at Home at all, perhaps because they’re being suppressed until the Pro Black Friday 2019 sale goes live.

From what I can tell, both promos are good deals for the value that you get. I would also think that a small set of wire strippers and a multi-bit screwdriver would sell better or at least faster than the larger assortments that Klein and Home Depot had arranged for previous PRO Black Friday and holiday sales.

I’m surprised that the testing tools flew off the shelves so quickly.

Do either of these Klein Tool promos strike your fancy?