Best Product – Kincrome Emergency Spare 10mm Socket!

The Kincrome Emergency 10mm Socket

Gosh, where did you put your 10mm socket? You lost it again?! Then you need this, an emergency 10mm socket that gets mounted to your wall in a convenient hard-to-miss box.

Kincrome is an Australian-based tool company, and they’re trying to expand in the USA market. I don’t know too much about the brand yet, but some of their tools look interesting. I don’t see any way to buy this in the USA (it’s part no. P2100), but the video and concept is just too amusing not to share.


This is a gag gift, but it’s funny because it’s true. There’s something about the size of 10mm sockets, or maybe it’s how often that size is used, that makes them too easy to misplace.

The socket is housed in an EVA tray and the powder coated tin is wall-mountable. I don’t think the glass (or plastic) is actually breakable, but inside is a real Kincrome 3/8″ drive 10mm socket.