Best Product – Kershaw LEEK Pocket Knife is on Sale Again (12/6/19)

Kershaw Leek Knife

There was a recent deal of the day where the Kerhsaw Leek was on sale for $31.24. Now, it’s currently on sale as part of Amazon’s 20% off select Kershaw Leek knife promo, for $32.50. If you missed last month’s deal, this is your second chance to pick one up at a good price.

For a closer look at the Kershaw Leek pocket knife, check out our review here.


Here’s a summary of why you should buy one:

  • Useful blade shape, sharp out of the box
  • Very compact and pocketable
  • Fast opening (assisted opening)
  • Great quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Modest aesthetics

The Leek is a great USA-made folding knife that’s compact and easy to use. It’s a solid choice for one’s first EDC knife, or anyone looking for a slim folder.

It features an assisted opening mechanism, which you might or might not like. I liked such features at first, but currently prefer full-manual flipper mechanisms. Flipper-opening knives usually command higher price tags, although there is a recommended Ruike that you can buy for around the same as the Leek.

Back when I bought mine 10-1/2 years ago (wow has it been that long?!), I paid a little over $38 on Amazon. It’s amazing that Kershaw has been able to keep the pricing relatively affordable without compromising the quality.

Price: $32.50

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Update: As a reminder, you are responsible for knowing your local knife laws before buying or carrying any pocket knife. Here’s a good resource to start with. Assisted opening knives are sometimes mis-categorized and misinterpreted. When in doubt, full-manual knives are the safer choice.