Best Product – Kershaw Leek Made-in-USA “Gateway” EDC Pocket Knife is $24 Today (3/21/2018)

Kershaw Leek Onion Knife Ergonomics

Over at Amazon, the Kershaw Leek pocket knife, reviewed here, is on sale today, for $24. There are other varieties also on sale today, as part of a Deal of the Day.

The Kershaw Leek has a 3″ blade, SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism, and safety lock. This is a fantastic pocket knife, perfect for EDC (everyday carry), and a wide range of cutting tasks.


Update (12:00pm ET): It looks to be out of stock.
Update (1:30pm ET): Back in stock!!

I called the Leek a “gateway” knife in the title, because it was my first “real” pocket knife. I had a couple of Gerber knives before this one, but my experience with the Leek was different, and it started me down the path of becoming an enthusiast.

This isn’t the best knife out there, but you get phenomenal value for the money. It’s a good knife at an entry-level price.

Check out my review if you want to learn more.

Regular Price: $36-$40
Sale Price: $24

Buy Now(via Amazon)
See Also(Other Leek Styles on Sale)

I bought my Leek for $38 back in 2009. I bought a green aluminum-handled one for $30 when it was on sale in December 2016. The average price seems to be $36 or so, $32 is a good sale price, $30 is better, $24 is “why haven’t you bought one yet?!” pricing.

Deal ends at 3am ET 3/22/2018, unless supplies sell out sooner.

Assisted opening mechanisms are NOT automatic. You should still learn your local knife regulations before carrying a tool like this with you.