Best Product – It’s Back! Milwaukee Mechanics Tool Set with Packout Case and Screwdriver Set Deal of the Day (12/23/19)

Milwaukee Mechanics Tool Set with Packout Case and Screwdriver Assortment Bundle

At the start of the holiday shopping season, Home Depot featured a Milwaukee 28pc 3/8″ SAE mechanics tool set and Packout organizer case bundle, for $99.

I posted about this deal before it started appearing in stores. When it launched as a $99 special buy, I was disappointed at the price.


At the time, the regular Milwaukee 28pc socket set was priced at $89 (it’s $100 right now). $10 more to swap the regular case for the Packout organizer? Sure, it was a good bundle, but as a Black Friday or holiday season special buy, I expected a better value.

Update 5:45pm 12/23/19: This special bundle is on sale for $90 again, presumably for a limited time (or maybe until supplies run out).

I did notice that there was another bundle that featured the same mechanics tool set and Packout kit, plus an 8pc screwdriver set.

Today only, this bundle is on sale at Home Depot for $90. Now this – THIS is a good “please take my money!” deal.

The socket set and Packout bundle was a $99 special buy. The regular 28pc mechanics tool set is priced at $100 right now. The 8pc screwdriver set is a seasonal special buy for $20, which isn’t far off from its regular everyday price.

To drive the point home, with this set you get the $99 special buy, PLUS a $20-valued screwdriver set, for $90. You get more and for less money. What’s not to like (aside from the set being SAE-only with no metric option)?

Price: $90

Buy Now via Home Depot

Deal ends at 3am ET 12/17/19, unless supplies sell out sooner.