Best Product – Is the Dewalt Tough Series Tape Measure Worth the Premium?

Dewalt Tough Series Tape Measure 25-Foot

In my launch post about the new Dewalt Tough Series tape measures, I asked should Milwaukee Tool be worried right in the title. Dewalt Tough Series is the brand’s newest product family, with tape measures being the first of many new premium and ultra-durable tools.

When I came across Dewalt’s 25-foot Tough Series tape measure at the local Home Depot, I bought it on the spot.


Nearby, they had a more basic standard-style Dewalt 25-foot tape measure, priced at $10. I am not a fan of this particular design, but I bought one of those on the spot as well. I figured that I’d see if they changed anything in recent years, and even if not, it would make for an interesting comparison.

Dewalt Tough Series 25-foot tape measure: $28
Dewalt “Standard” 25-foot tape measure: $10

Dewalt Tough Series Tape Measure Reader Poll

Over on ToolGuyd’s Instagram channel, I asked followers in a story if they would spend 2.8X more for the Tough Series tape measure. The results of the poll were far different than I anticipated, with 52% saying they would “if it’s much better,” and 48% saying “absolutely not.”

I then sought to answer the following question: what does the Tough Series tape measure offer, aside from a 100-foot drop rating?

I am still working with the tape, and it’ll be some time before I accidentally or intentionally put its durability claims to test. But in the meantime, I put together a video that goes over all of the Tough Series features and differences.

Yes, these new tape measures cost a lot more than most of Dewalt’s other models, but you also get a lot more for your money – more than Dewalt’s durability-focused marketing would suggest.

I’m not a fan of Dewalt’s previous premium-priced tape measures (mainly due to their too-strong spring retraction), but I really like this one.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Hopefully the video answers most of them, and if not I’ll address them in a follow-up review after I put more time in with the Tough Series tape.

I found it interesting that the Tough Series packaging was entirely made of cardboard and cardstock, which Dewalt says will be an increasing trend.

There’s something else that caught my attention. Whereas Dewalt’s prior premium and flagship tape measures were made in the USA with global materials, the Tough Series tapes are made in Thailand, presumably at the same factory as the more basic tape. This has nothing to do with features or quality – I am in fact very impressed with both – but just something I found curious.