Best Product – I Have Been Using the ToughBuilt Scraper Utility Knife

ToughBuilt Scraper Utility Knife Closed

Quite a few readers have been asking about and mentioning the new ToughBuilt Scraper utility Knife, a 2-in-1 tool that quickly converts from utility knife to scraper knife and back. A full review will take more time, but I can say that this definitely one of the most unique utility knives I have ever used before.

ToughBuilt is sponsoring our exploration of their new scraper knife, and they also recently sent over a couple of other products that readers have been asking about.

My familiarity with ToughBuilt goes back quite a few years, when I purchased some of their early tool bags, pouches, and hand tools (convertible bolt cutters). They now have updated tool bags at home improvement centers and online, and a huge roadmap of new hand tools and accessories on the way.

In a phone call, ToughBuilt talked up their new scraper utility knife, describing it as a game-changer.

ToughBuilt Scraper Utility Knife Open

As a utility knife, the design is quite unconventional, but comfortable and secure.

Blade changes are relatively quick – you press the yellow button at the rear of the blade clamp to remove the dull blade, and then press it again as you insert a fresh blade.

While the knife does require special ToughBuilt blades, which have a trapezoidal hole at their center, you can use those same blades in most other brands’ utility knives.

ToughBuilt Scraper Utility Knife Scraping Blade Mode

To be frank, I don’t like scrapers. I’ve tried a couple over the years, and they were all terrible. So, I usually improvise with a standard utility knife or plastic scraper blades (or expired gift and credit cards on occasion).

I have used scraper knives in lieu of utility knives before as well, often with compromised ergonomics or results.

But this one from ToughBuilt? It has a place in my tool box.

In an advertisement, ToughBuilt describes this knife as The Do it All Tool.

The world’s first Utility Scraper Knife has arrived. One Blade To Rule Them All. Built Strong. Built To Last. Built Tough. Get ToughBuilt.

ToughBuilt Scraper Knife Applications

Personally, I see this ToughBuilt knife as a scraper first that can also be effectively used as a utility knife.

ToughBuilt Scraper Utility Knife Paint Can Lid Opener

It also has a paint can lid lifter built into the end of the handle.

Will this replace your standard utility knife? For most users, probably not. It’s not as compact as a folding utility knife, and unlike most fixed-handle utility knives, this one doesn’t have different blade extension settings for controllable cutting depth. Plus, it only works with ToughBuilt blades, although these blades are also compatible with most other standard utility knives.

This is a great scraper knife in my opinion so far (troublesome sticky labels no longer laugh at my frustrations!), with the utility knife as a great “have if you need it” function.

I need to disassemble and clean two of my utility knives, because I have been using them for wet and dirty outdoors projects, and there’s crud crammed into all of the holes and recesses. I wouldn’t even think about using this scraper knife, with its moving parts, in a similar manner.

Who should buy this?

There are users for whom this could be their one-and-done utility knife, but I am certain that it’s not for everyone. For more demanding users, and for my website readers, I would reiterate my view of the knife as a scraper first, with a comfortable utility knife mode that’s an effective but secondary function.

One thing that I’m really pleased to see about this knife is that ToughBuilt doesn’t seem to have taken any shortcuts. There a few places where they probably could have shaved costs down a bit, but I think they were adamant about designing and building a tool that they’d want to use themselves.

Price: $17.98

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I have been spending a lot of time testing and trying to understand this knife. What kinds of questions do you have?