Best Product – HOT Deal: Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Penlight Flashlight for Less than $15


Over at Amazon, this Streamlight Stylus Pro LED flashlight is on sale for $14.31.

The Stylus Pro is a fantastic LED flashlight. It’s pocketable, it’s durable, it’s reasonably bright, and it’s powered by 2 standard AAA batteries.


I don’t remember the specs for mine, but the new ones are said to output 90 lumens, and are water resistant with a IPX4 rating.

They operate via a push button tail cap, which I would characterize as firm, unless they changed something. This is good because it means it’s difficult to turn it on accidentally, but perhaps not so good for older finger joints.

I’ve got 2 of these – one in black and one in blue – and also a Streamlight Stylus Pro Reach. I have also ordered quite a few as reader giveaway items over the years. So far, no complaints!

One of my flashlights did behave weirdly once, but I took the tail cap off, swapped the batteries around, and there haven’t been any issues since!

With the current promo, you save around $5 on each flashlight, or around 25% of the price.

In case you’re not familiar with the brand, Streamlight is well known for their quality and fantastic customer service.

Update: I just ordered 2 for myself. While I don’t care for the color choice, perhaps a silver colored flashlight will be easier to find on my cluttered workbench.

Price: $14 and change

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(Shipping is free for Prime members, or for non-Prime members on $49+ orders. When did Amazon increase the free shipping threshold for non-Prime members? Yikes!)

There are several other colors to choose from, but only the silver is on sale.

In case you’re wondering about the Pro part in Stylus Pro, the non-Pro Stylus lights are thinner penlights that work with AAAA batteries. I’d rather not deal with AAAA cells, but you can buy them, and some users have harvested them from 9V batteries. In addition to being harder to find, AAAA cells seem to have a shorter shelf life than AA and AA cells.

Update: I received my flashlights today. There’s a California Prop 65 warning, and so I might send them back. Is it because of the polycarbonate lens? The push button switch? The coating of the flashlight (which seems unlikely)? For extension cords, okay, I can wash my hands afterwards. But for an EDC flashlight? It makes me uneasy.

I’ll keep ’em if I can find an easy way to ask Streamlight about which component(s) necessitated the Prop 65 substance warning.