Best Product – Hot Deal: Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Flashlight for $14!

Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Penlight Blue

Over at Amazon, they’ve got the Streamlight Stylus Pro LED flashlight on sale for just $14.03 – about a dollar off the recent deal we found on their silver-bodied flashlight.

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At the time of that posting 4 days ago, this blue-finish Stylus Pro flashlight was $18. Now, it’s $4 less. The silver-finish flashlight went up in price, to $16.95.


Here’s why you want this flashlight:

  • It’s compact and pocket-friendly
  • Plenty bright at 100 lumens
  • Machined aluminum body with anodized finish
  • AAA batteries are widely available
  • Streamlight has a reputation for excellent customer support
  • Strong, durable, and reliable
  • IPX4 water resistance and 2 meter impact resistance
  • Blue color

Here’s why you might not want this flashlight:

  • Tailcap switch can be a little stiff (but it helps to prevent accidental activation)
  • You’d prefer blindingly-bright 10,000 lumens
  • You prefer a larger flashlight with Li-ion rechargeable cells

The Stylus Pro is an excellent LED flashlight.

I have a couple, and continue to use them. I would absolutely buy them again.

Sale Price: $14.03

Buy Now via Amazon

I was a little hesitant a couple of years ago, after the packaging started including a Prop 65 warning, but then I started seeing the same warning on many more flashlights and hand tools, presumably linked to either the polycarbonate lens, aluminum alloy, or rubber seals or switch cover. I decided that as long as I don’t stick the flashlight in my mouth every day, there’s nothing to worry about. You really don’t want to stick a metal flashlight in your mouth anyway.

Milwaukee Penlight 2-Pack

Oh, you want a penlight-style LED flashlight you can bite on? I still wouldn’t recommend it – get a headlamp – but Home Depot has a Milwaukee penlight 2-pack promo for $30, and they come with a rubber “bite zone.”

I’ve bought this deal in the past as well. They’re great flashlights, but I tend to prefer the smaller feel of the Stylus Pro. It’s hard to beat the Milwaukee value though. With this promo pack, the lights are $15 each without having to scramble to buy the Streamlight promo on Amazon before it sells out or settle on whatever single color they pick to be on sale.

If the Streamlight Stylus Pro goes back to its typical price of around $20, you can stull buy this Milwaukee 2-pack and either equipping a backup with lithium cells, or splitting the cost with a buddy.

Promo: $29.88 with free shipping no minimum

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