Best Product – Hot Deal: Save on Milwaukee Cordless Power Tools – Buy More Save More (2/2020)

Milwaukee Buy More Save More Deal 02-2020

Over at Acme Tools, they have two really good (at least in my opinion) deals on Milwaukee cordless power tools.

Deal 1: Save up to $150 on select Milwaukee M18 Fuel bare tools


With the first deal, there’s a selection of 88 M18 Fuel tools. Officially, the deal is “save up to 30%,” but it’s a dollar-off promotion with the 30% figure coming from the max discount on the exact threshold. I know some of you don’t like the language of these deals, but it’s still a great discount nonetheless.

  • $30 off $299+
  • $80 off $399+
  • $150 off $499+

If you had your eye on a couple of new Milwaukee M18 cordless power tools, especially the kinds that are rarely if ever discounted, this is a great promo.

Actually, the deal includes some non-Fuel tools too, such as LED lighting and cordless vacuum products.

Unfortunately, the discount doesn’t stack on top of other deals. For example, buy a select M18 LED worklight and you get a free battery. But if your order exceeds $299, the “buy more save more” discount will override it.

Obviously, the deal isn’t very good if you’re at the lower tiers. $30 off $299+ is ~10% if you spend the minimum, and it gets worse percentage-wise until you get to the next tier. $80 off $399+ is ~20%, which is better, but it also diminishes percentage-wise until you get to the next tier.

The highest discount tier, $150 off $499+, comes out to be ~30% if you spend the minimum.

STILL, consider that Acme’s highest regular discount promo is 15%, this deal of $150 off $499 saves you more money until you get to ~$1000, and that’s when Acme’s fine print allows for discounts of $150 or greater.

In other words, if you were looking to buy a bunch of new Milwaukee M18 cordless power tools, this is a really good discount on bare tools. $30 off $299+ and $80 off $399+ are okay, but far less appealing.

With the tiered discount, a $300 order comes out to be $270, a $400 order comes out to be $320, and a $500 order comes out to be $350.

Personally, I would ignore the lower tiers and just consider this a $150 off $499+ promo. Besides, $500 is spent pretty quickly when talking about Milwaukee M18 and M18 Fuel cordless power tools.

The discount is applied to your cart automatically. Deal ends 4/30/2020, giving you plenty of time to plan out your order.

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Deal 2: Save up to 20% on select Milwaukee M12 bare tools

The next deal features a discount on select M12 bare tools.

  • Save 10% off 1 select tool
  • Save 20% off 2 select tools

This is a decent deal if you buy two tools, otherwise you’re better off waiting for a 15%-off promo.

There are some rarely-discounted tools in the 17-tool selection, including the new M12 Surge hydraulic impact driver, stubby impact wrenches, and M12 Fuel cordless ratchets.

It is unclear as to when this M12 deal ends.

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