Best Product – HOT Deal on a Dewalt Impact-Rated Right Angle Drill/Driver Attachment

I like to think that I’m perceptive, and that my experience helps me sort out the differences between two similar but separate tools. That’s not going to be the case here.

If you want to skip the chatter and get straight to the deal, just scroll down to the end of the post.

Dewalt Right Angle Adapter DWARA120


Over at a popular online deals forum, they have a “hot deal” featuring this discounted Dewalt DWARA120 impact-rated right angle attachment, which is for use with cordless drills, impact drivers and other such tools.

Amazon and Lowe’s have similar deals on this, where the price is $20.

Compare via Amazon – ( but don’t buy anything until you read this whole post!)

Lowe’s *might* drop the price further, but it’s unclear.

Dewalt Right Angle Adapter Display at Lowes

Although, it looks like they sold quite a few at my local Lowe’s store so far, so maybe $20 is indeed a hot price on this impact-rated Dewalt right angle screwdriver bit adapter?

Dewalt MaxFit Screwdriver Bit Set and Right Angle Adapter DWAMF35RA

But wait – I saw this Dewalt MaxFit screwdriver bit set at Home Depot (and bought one on the spot), priced at $15.

Wait, what?

Everyone is hyped up over the right angle adapter deal over at the deals forum, but you can save a couple more dollars AND get some screwdriver bits in a nice and tidy organizer box?

There’s got to be a catch. Right?

Price: $14.88 via Home Depot

Buy Now via Home Depot

Dewalt Right Angle Adapter

Okay, so what’s the difference?

On the left: Dewalt Impact Ready DWARA120, with packaging that looks to say 5X longer life*.

On the right: Dewalt MaxFit DWARA60, and it’s impact-rated.

Look closely – even the Torx screw head is in the same angular position – Dewalt’s graphics team simply swapped the housing and logo colors between the two images or renders.

But wait… Dewalt’s website says:

The DEWALT MAX FIT Right Angle Attachment features a compact 1-1/2 in. front-to-back design to provide users with accessibility in close-quarter drilling and fastening applications. The metal-gear case design provides durability and 2X longer lilfe* while the addition of a robust magnet provides fastener retention.

Longer “lilfe?” I love it when I’m not the only one making typos.

Aha – only 2X longer life.

Oh, hold on, Home Depot has an image of the MaxFit adapter packaging card.

Dewalt MaxFit Right Angle Adapter DWARA60

“5X longer life.”

Magnetic bit holder.

1.5″ length.

This one is on sale at Home Depot for $18.

See: MaxFit Adapter via Home Depot

Dewalt Right Angle Adapter DWARA120 Packaging

Here’s the DWARA120 again, in its packaging on Lowe’s website.

Both are 1.5″ long (head length), rated for impact use, magnetic, and said to have 5X longer life – which doesn’t mean much to me aside from simply being similar marketing language for both.

Hmm, so what’s the difference?

How is the Amazon deal such a “HOT” buy at $20? It looks like $20 is the regular price at Home Depot, where it’s on sale for $18 right now.

And, then there’s this Dewalt DWAMF35RA 35pc screwdriver bit and right angle attachment set! So, you save $3 compared to the current sale pricing for the right angle attachment, and get an entire impact-rated screwdriver bit set to go along with it.

Dewalt DWAMF35RA MaxFit Screwdriver Bit Set and RA Adapter Packaging

I saw this Dewalt DWAMF35RA MaxFit screwdriver bit set at the store, bought one on the spot, but not before looking up the price of the adapter by itself on my phone. There were a couple of times recently when I could have used this adapter, and so it seemed like a very good deal for $15.

Afterwards, once home, I came across the confusing deal posts for the standalone adapter.

Not to belabor the point further, I have no idea if there are any differences between DWARA60 and DWARA120 adapters, aside from one being black and the other yellow.

Could there be any differences? Maybe – but without any apparent external differences in a geared adapter this small, and despite identical marketing claims?

Frankly, I don’t really care. I bought the MaxFit set, as it’s clearly the best deal by far. If there are some differences between adapters, I’ll live with it, and with a couple extra dollars in my pocket and a bunch of new screwdriver bits in my tool box.


Buy Now via Home Depot

At the time of this posting, you can only opt for in-store pickup, but I expect (hope for) Home Depot to enable shipping on this item.

Do YOU know if there any differences between the two adapters, aside from purely cosmetic?

Home Depot vs Lowes Right Angle Impact Screwdriver Bit Attachment Deal Comparison

Home Depot Deal: Dewalt 35pc MaxFit screwdriver bit set (DWAMF35RA): $14.88

Lowe’s Deal: Dewalt impact-rated right angle attachment (DWARA120): $19.88

Buy Now: Home Depot Deal
Buy Now: Lowe’s Deal