Best Product – Hot Deal: Mora Craftline PRO S Fixed Blade Utility Knife for $11

Morakniv Craftline Pro S Utility Knife

Amazon has several Mora knives on sale today – a stainless steel version of the Companion knife I recently posted about, and also Craftline Pro S and Craftline Pro Robust.

Shown above is the Craftline Pro S knife. The Craftline Pro Robust is similar in size, but with an extra-thick carbon steel blade.


The Craftline Pro S features a stainless steel blade and is designed as a utility knife for construction workers and also for outdoors work.

There is a less expensive Craftline Basic knife, with the main difference being the blade height.

The Craftline Pro S all-around fixed blade utility knife has a 3.6″ blade, and ergonomic TPE rubber handle. It comes with a hard plastic sheath.

Sale Price: $10.89

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As I’ve said before, Mora knives are fantastic bargains. They are fixed blade knives with utility in value in mind. All of the Mora knives shown on this page are made in Sweden.

All of the knives shown above and below are priced between $10 and $15. I think the Craftline Pro S is going to be the best for anyone who doesn’t want to think about all the various choices.

Of course, I also convinced myself to buy a Craftline Pro S. I love my Companion knives and recently received a free Craftline Basic, and figured a comparison might be interesting.

Mora Companion Knife Stainless Steel Green Handle

If you want a slightly longer knife, the Companion knife with stainless steel blade is now on sale for $12.77.

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Mora Companion Knife Orange

Amazon also has the orange-accented Mora Companion knife on sale for $14.97. But if you don’t care about color, the olive green version (above) is a couple of dollars less, and the carbon-steel version dropped in price as well.

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Mora Knife Craftline Basic Knife Red and Black

Lastly, here’s the Craftline Basic 511 again, priced at $10. Compared to the Pro S, this one also has a 3.6″ blade, but with a shorter height. This seems to be the 511’s regular price.

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Mora Craftline Pro Robust Knife

For the sake of completeness, here’s the Mora Pro Robust knife, with extra-thick carbon steel blade. This is included in today’s deals page, on sale for $12.58.

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Craftline Knife Differences

Craftline Basic 511: Carbon steel blade
Craftline Pro S: Stainless steel and taller blade
Craftline Pro Robust: Carbon steel and extra-thick taller blade