Best Product – Hot Deal: Dewalt Mechanics Tools (Pre-Black Friday 2019)

Dewalt Mechanics Tool Deals Pre-Black Friday 2019

Over at Amazon, they have a lot of hidden “Holideals” in their lead up to Black Friday 2019. For a limited time (I couldn’t find any expiration), save $10 off $50+ Dewalt mechanics tools and accessories.

Let me start by saying there are a lot of tools eligible for this deal, and some even that I either never knew Dewalt made, or forgot about. Things like impact socket adapters and accessories, universal joint impact sockets, wrenches, socket sets, and even individual tools are eligible for this promo.


Unfortunately, I really don’t know when this deal ends. All Amazon’s product pages say for eligible items is that “This is a limited time offer.” There’s no one at Amazon we could ask.

Before starting on this post, I was collecting details for a couple of tool deals, for a “Amazon pre-Black Friday 2019 tool deals that don’t suck” kind of post. I picked one set to stand in as representative of this Dewalt mechanics tools coupon promo, but I wasn’t quite happy with my choice. When struggling to determine which alternate photo would work better in the post, I realized that this promo doesn’t just “not suck,” it’s actually a really good deal, even a “hot deal.”

Dewalt mechanics tools are pretty solid. I have had some experiences with them, and found them to be decent. Their tool cases are particularly nice touches, as you can place them in a drawer, or carry the whole cases with you. The cases also lock and stack together, allowing you to carry a couple of cases with greater ease.

If you’ve been looking to buy a mechanics tool assortment, accessories, or small kits, this promo might be worth a look.

Deal Info via Amazon

Tools must be sold and shipped from Amazon. The $10 off $50+ discount should appear in your cart at checkout.