Best Product – Hot Deal: Dewalt Cordless Tripod Worklight

There are some very good Dewalt 20V Max cordless LED worklight deals going on right now, and they’re definitely worth checking out. In this post, we’ll focus exclusively on the tripod worklight, DCL079.

Dewalt 20V Max Tripod LED Worklight Bare Tool

Dewalt DCL079B LED Tripod Light

Over at Amazon, they have the Dewalt DCL079B 20V Max tripod base worklight on sale for $139. It’s backordered, but still available for purchasing.


(Note: a lot of tools are backordered right now, but the 1-3 week estimated shipping time on this one is pretty optimistic.)

The last time we posted about this worklight was 2 years ago, when it was on sale for $159 and then $151. It’s regularly priced at $179. Some retailers sell it for even more, but I consider $179 to the regular price.

Dewalt DCL079B LED Tripod Worklight Features

I really like the DCL079 worklight – it’s bright, easy to operate, and highly portable. I still have a test sample from Dewalt, and it continues to see regular use.

The Dewalt DCL079 features a 7′ height adjustment range, 3000 lumen brightness rating, and 3 brightness settings. The worklight is rated to IP55 water and dust resistance.

Sale Price: $139

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Dewalt 20V Max Tripod LED Worklight Kit

Dewalt DCL079R1 LED Tripod Worklight Kit Bundle

If you already bought into Dewalt’s cordless power tool system, the bare tool is a fantastic deal. However, what if you also need a battery and charger? Luckily, the tripod worklight kit is also on sale.

Here, with the DCL079R1 kit, you get the worklight, a charger, and a 6Ah battery pack. Acme Tools looks to have exclusive low pricing on this kit, where it’s priced down to $299.

The same kit is currently priced at $329 at other Dewalt dealers, and so you’re saving $30 with Acme’s pricing.

Is it worth it? Oh, this is a fabulous worklight that any Dewalt 20V Max cordless power tool owner should consider buying – there’s no doubt about that. But is this a good deal?

The lowest price I could find on a singular 6Ah battery is $116, or $183 for a 2-pack. Home Depot has a 6Ah battery + 4Ah compact battery bundle pack for $149.

Compared to the $179 bare tool pricing, $299 is a good deal price on this bundle, especially compared to its regular pricing. But compared to the $139 bare tool deal pricing, the special pricing on this kit loses some of its luster.

Plus, this kit was on sale for less money last week. Are we going to see that pricing again this holiday shopping season? Maybe, maybe not, it’s impossible to say. Still, $299 is the best pricing on this kit right now. If you want the bare tool, that’s an excellent deal right now. If you want this kit, maybe keep an eye on it, I certainly will.

Sale Price: $299 w/ free shipping

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