Best Product – Home Depot vs. Lowe’s Black Friday 2020: Dewalt 6pc Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit Deals Compared

Home Depot vs Lowes Dewalt Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

In the left hand corner, we have the Dewalt DCKTS600M2 cordless power tool combo kit, as Home Depot’s flagship deal, priced at $499. In the right hand corner, we have the Dewalt DCKSS699M2 cordless power tool kit, Lowe’s flagship Dewalt option, also priced at $499.

Both options feature Dewalt 20V Max cordless power tools with brushless motors, both give you 6 tools, and both are priced at $499.

So which one is better?


Dewalt DCKTS600M2 6-Tool Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

Dewalt DCKTS600M2 6pc Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit Home Depot Black Friday 2020 Deal

Here’s what you get in the Home Depot Dewalt 20V Max cordless power tool combo kit:

  • DCD709 Atomic Series hammer drill
  • DCF809 Atomic Series impact driver
  • DCS354 Atomic Series oscillating multi-tool
  • DCF890 XR 3/8″ impact driver
  • DCG416 FlexVolt Advantage angle grinder
  • DCS573 FlexVolt Advantage circular saw
  • (2) 4.0Ah batteries
  • Charger
  • ToughSystem rolling tool box
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It seems that this combo kit could be considered an upgrade to their former 7-tool Dewalt 20V Max combo kit, which featured a mix of brushless and brushed motor tools.

The edge here will be in the FlexVolt advantage tools, XR impact wrench, and FlexVolt Advantage tools. This combo does not come with a FlexVolt battery,

Price: $499

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Dewalt DCKSS699M2 Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

Dewalt DCKSS699M2 Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

This is what you get in this Lowe’s special Dewalt 20V Max combo kit:

  • DCD796 XR brushless hammer drill
  • DCS356 XR brushless oscillating multi-tool (3-speed)
  • DCF887 XR brushless impact driver (3-speed)
  • DCS367 XR brushless compact reciprocating saw
  • DCS570 XR brushless circular saw
  • DCW210 XR brushless sander
  • (2) 4.0Ah batteries
  • Charger
  • Rolling tool bag

The advantage here would be in the XR brushless drill, impact driver, and oscillating multi-tool, and the inclusion of a reciprocating saw that some users might prefer over an angle grinder or impact wrench.

Price: $499

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Dewalt 6-Tool Holiday 2020 Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit Deals Compared

Here are reasons to get the Lowe’s bundle over Home Depot’s:

  • Better hammer drill
  • Better impact driver
  • 3-speed oscillating multi-tool vs 1-speed, but both have variable speed switches

Here are reasons to get the Home Depot bundle over Lowe’s:

  • Better circular saw – FlexVolt Advantage
  • ToughSystem tool box
  • Free shipping (the Lowe’s deal is only for pickup right now)

There are notable differences in the tools you get. Both combo kits give you a cordless hammer drill, impact driver, circular saw, and oscillating multi-tool, all with brushless motors. Here are the other two tools both options give you:

  • Home Depot
    • Impact Wrench
    • Angle Grinder
  • Lowe’s
    • Compact Reciprocating Saw
    • Sander

The Lowe’s combo gives you a step-up in price and performance with respect to the hammer drill, impact driver, and oscillating multi-tool, while Home Depot gives you an upgraded circular saw and tool box. It is our understanding that the difference in circular saw performance is only going to come into play when used with a FlexVolt battery, which neither kit option gives you.

The Lowe’s deal gives you an XR compact reciprocating saw and XR sander, while the Home Depot deal instead gives you an XR impact wrench and FlexVolt Advantage angle grinder. What you need to know is that all of these are regular Dewalt 20V Max main-line cordless power tools, and that they don’t seem to be “special buy” or “combo kit” versions.

Cordless power tool combo kits, especially as part of holiday season deals, typically feature some compromises or scaled-down features to help reduce costs.

Neither of these combo kits look to have any notable compromises, although it could be said that Dewalt’s Atomic Series drill and impact driver in the Home Depot bundle are a step down from the XR models featured in the Lowe’s combo kit. The Atomic series tools are also a Home Depot exclusive, as are FlexVolt Advantage.

Both kit options give you 4Ah batteries, which are reasonable for combo kits like these.

It’s a toss-up. The Lowe’s bundle has some better tools, the Home Depot bundle has other better tools.

Both combo kits are going to be solid options.

I’d go with the Lowe’s option for the better drill and impact driver, or if I wanted a recipricating saw and sander included, or the Home Depot option if I wanted the updated circular saw, and an impact wrench, angle grinder, and ToughSystem tool box.

If I absolutely had to pick… it would be the Home Depot bundle. That would give me the freedom to choose a reciprocating saw that aligns with my preferences (I like full-size and one-handed over the compact design here), and I have corded sanders that I use plugged into a dust collector vacuum, with no plans for regular cordless use. Both the impact wrench and angle grinder would come in handy. I would miss the 3 speeds of the Lowe’s bundle impact driver.

There’s the option to piece-together a more customized deal to more perfectly align to my needs and preferences, but it’ll cost more than starting with either of these kits.

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