Best Product – Home Depot PRO Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals

Home Depot Pro Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals

Over at Home Depot, it seems that they kicked off their PRO Black Friday 2020 tool deals! Here, we’ll tell you all about them.

I should clarify – it seems that they kicked off their unofficial PRO Black Friday tool deals. There will NOT be an official Pro Black Friday sales event this year, I’m told, because Home Depot has extended their Black Friday sales event month-long due to COVID.


There will be some additional promos throughout the month until Black Friday, and it looks like the usual PRO Black Friday tool deals are being included there.

Home Depot PRO Black Friday 2020 Store Display

I scouted out the Home Depot stores near me, to see what new I could find that’s not included in their Black Friday 2020 sales flyer or online advertisements. One of the stores I checked had a string of displays up, but the two others didn’t have anything in the main raceway. If you know of any other deals, please let us know!

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Promo and deal pricing end dates are uncertain.

Table of Contents

You can scroll down to see all of the deals, but they’re also sorted into sections for your convenience.

Milwaukee Deals
Dewalt Deals
Ridgid Deals
Bosch Deals
Klein Deals
Makita Deals
Everything Else

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Milwaukee PRO Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals

Milwaukee 9pc Hole Dozer Hole Saw Set

This Milwaukee 9pc Hole Dozer hole saw set dropped from $40 to $30.

Price: $30

Buy Now via Home Depot

Milwaukee 13pc Hole Dozer Hole Saw Set

But consider buying this 13pc set, it’s only $40. It’s $10 more, but you get 9 hole saw sizes and a second larger arbor size, vs 5 hole saws for the $30 set.

Price: $40

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Home Depot Pro Black Friday 2019 Milwaukee Mechanics Tool Set and Packout Bundle

This is a photo of last year’s display, but I found a bunch of the same Milwaukee socket set and Packout tool box bundles in an end cap promo spot. Either they’re waiting for the display to be set up, or they’re what’s left.

There are fewer spots for floor displays due to stores wanting to keep the front raceway clear for social distancing.

It’s $99, the same as last year. If you’re on the fence, there was an online-only socket set and screwdriver set bundle deal last year – a mid-December deal of the day.

Price: $99

Buy Now via Home Depot

Milwaukee Shockwave 70pc Screwdriver Bit Set

I posted about this Milwaukee Shockwave bit set deal already, but it’s still a phenomenal value that I felt compelled to mention once more.

It’s a 70pc bit set for $10 AND free shipping with no minimum. Last year, there was a 45pc set for $15. This 70pc set is stilled marked at $20 in stores, and so I ordered mine online.

Price: $9.88 w/ free shipping

Buy Now via Home Depot

Milwaukee Shockwave 15pc Drill Bit Set

Yesterday I posted about a Dewalt 14pc drill bit that’s on sale for $10, and that’s still a really good deal. But if you want something impact-rated, this Milwaukee 15pc set is a good buy at $15.

Price: $15

Buy Now via Home Depot

Milwaukee Packout Organizer

The Milwaukee Packout 11 compartment organizer is on sale for $35, down from $45.

Price: $35

Buy Now via Home Depot

Milwaukee Packout 3pc Tool Box Combo

I know that a lot of people were disappointed that Home Depot’s Black Friday Packout deal is for a rolling tool box, tool box, and tote box for $179, rather than this 3pc combo with small tool box on top instead.

But, they also do have this typical 3pc combo at $199, and with free shipping, which is different from past years where you could only snag the deal in-store.

Price: $199

Buy Now via Home Depot
Buy Now via Acme Tools

Milwaukee M18 Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit 2626-21CP

Home Depot also has a Milwaukee M18 oscillating multi-tool kit for $99. No, it’s not brushless, but it’s still a great value at less than the price of the bare tool by itself.

Price: $99

Buy Now via Home Depot

And if you’ll need accessories, there’s a 20pc accessory kit with zippered pouch for $30.

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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Power Tools and Accessory Deals Home Depot Black Friday 2020

Here are some more great Milwaukee cordless power tool and accessory deals – part of their advertised Black Friday promo, but worthy of a reminder:

M12 Fuel Hammer Drill Kit: $99
M12 Fuel Impact Driver Kit: $99
M12 3Ah Battery 2-Pack: $79
M12 Fuel Hackzall Reciprocating Saw Kit: $149
M12 Fuel Installation Drill/Driver Kit: $179
M12 Fuel Drill and Impact Driver Kit: $199
Shockwave 23pc Drill Bit Set: $25

Dewalt PRO Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals

Dewalt DWS779 12-inch Sliding Miter Saw

The Dewalt DWS779 is usually a very HOT seller each year – it’s a 12″ sliding miter saw that lacks the LED shadow lighting of Dewalt’s flagship DWS780 model that retails for $600.

Price: $349

Buy Now via Home Depot
Compare via Amazon

Dewalt DWFP1KIT Air Compressor and Brad Nailer Combo Kit Deal Home Depot Black Friday 2020

Home Depot has a new Dewalt air compressor deal, featuring this 6-gallon 165PSI compressor and a Precision Point brad nailer.

The compressor is said to be quiet, rated at 75.5 dBA, but what stands out to be is the new pressure gauge and regular control panel. This looks to have a similar one-touch regular as the Dewalt FlexVolt air compressor. Interesting.

Price: $179

Buy Now via Home Depot

Dewalt DWAMF35RA MaxFit Screwdriver Bit Set and RA Adapter Packaging

With this deal, you get a Dewalt 35pc MaxFit screwdriver bit set and right angle attachment, and for less money than the RA adapter is selling for by itself at the moment.

This one seems to be selling fast – you might want to try ordering it for in-store pickup.

Price: $14.88

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Dewalt 30pc MaxFit Screwdriver Bit Set

I also bought this Dewalt 30pc MaxFit screwdriver bit set, for $10. Why? It’s a good mix of 2″ power bits and I wanted to try the bit holder. Plus it has some nice organizer inserts that I’ll pop into a different Dewalt ToughCase.

2″ MaxFit power bits sell for what, $3 for a 2-pack? Milwaukee Shockwave bits are $6 for 5 or $10 for 15, depending on size.

This isn’t a huge assortment of screwdriver bits, but it’s nonetheless a great value, and you get a Dewalt bit case with the new style bit slots that everyone is talking about being easier to use. (I haven’t tried it yet, but will soon.)

Price: $10

Buy Now via Home Depot

Home Depot Pro Black Friday 2019 Dewalt Tape Measure Deal

This Dewalt 25′ tape measure 2-pack is $15 again. I think Milwaukee’s 2-pack for $10 deal is better, but these Dewalt tapes are okay too. I’ve bought them in the past.

Price: $15

Buy Now via Home Depot

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw Deal

If you already bought into Dewalt’s 20V Max cordless power tool system, or you plan to, they have this brushless 12″ chains aw bare tool priced at $99.

Price: $99

Buy Now via Home Depot
See Also via Acme Tools

Dewalt DWST14825 10 Compartment Organizer

This Dewalt DWST14825 organizer tool box is stocked in-stores in crazy numbers, and it’s selling fast. During every visit to my local Home Depot stores over the past week or so, I see a couple of people walking around the store with a couple of organizers under their arms or in their carts. I ordered 4 for my own use as well.

Home Depot enabled shipping a couple of times, but most of the time the most you can do is order online for in-store pickup, or head to your store and find the tower of boxes near the holiday gift center.

They’re well-made for the price, and connect together for easy portability.

Looking at online inventory reporting for the 10 closest stores near me, I see that they have 388, 58, 351, 12, 23, 92, 128, 187, 10, and 36 organizers in stock.

These aren’t the best organizers out there, but they seem to be very good for $10.

Price: $10

Buy Now via Home Depot

Dewalt DWF83PL Air Framing Nailer

The Dewalt DWF83PL  21° collated framing nailer is on sale for $169.

This seems to be a new deal for 2020 – if I recall correctly, only a Ridgid framing nailer was featured in previous years’ deals.

Other sellers have this framing nailer for $199 to $249 and up, and so this seems to be a pretty good deal.

Price: $169

Buy Now via Home Depot

Dewalt MaxFit 160pc Screwdriver Bit Set and Large ToughCase Organizer

I don’t know what’s going on with this Dewalt 160pc MaxFit impact screwdriver and drill bit set.

I found it in stock at two stores, but now the website says it’s not available anywhere within 100 miles of me. I think it’s a decent deal, bought two for my own use. Maybe it’ll be a surprise deal later in the month?

Price: $30

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Ridgid PRO Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals

Ridgid OF60150HB Portable Air Compressor

This Ridgid 6 gallon air compressor deal is back again. It seems to be a good deal, and Home Depot’s user reviews seem to be quite positive.

Can’t find it in store? Order online with free shipping!

Price: $99

Buy Now via Home Depot

Ridgid Air Nailer Bonus Home Depot Black Friday 2020 Tool Deal

It seems that Home Depot and Ridgid couldn’t decide on whether the air nailer bundle should be for a finish nailer and brand nailer, or a finish nailer and pinner bundle. So, you have a choice this year.

Price: $169

Buy Now: Finish & Pinner via Home Depot
Buy Now: Finish & Brad via Home Depot

Ridgid 18V 7-Tool Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit R9257SB

I’ve been meaning to post about this Ridgid R9257SB 18V 7-tool cordless power tool combo kit, and hope to get to the standalone post soon.

Here, you get a 7-tool tool kit, 3 batteries, and a Ridgid Pro rolling tool box.

You get a drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, sander, flashlight, Bluetooth radio, vacuum, 3x 2.0Ah batteries, charger, and the tool box.

This seems like a lot for the money. It’s new this year, so there are no user reviews up yet, but I’ll include the model numbers below in case you want to do some research.

Price: $399

Buy Now via Home Depot

If you’re shopping for a cordless power tool combo kit, here are two more deals you might want to look at:

Ridgid R4222 Sliding Miter Saw

There is a new Ridgid 15A 12″ dual bevel sliding miter saw for $349, and it also features an LED cut line indicator.

This is the R4222. The R4221 was a Black Friday deal for $299 in 2018. I couldn’t tell you what the differences are, but there do look to be some differences.

Ridgid R4222 Sliding Miter Saw Display

There were only a couple at one of my stores, and none at the others that I could see. At the time of this posting, Home Depot is offering free home shipping, which could save you from making a trip to the store for something that might not be on the sales floor yet.

This saw is not advertised in Home Depot’s Black Friday 2020 tool deals.

Price: $349

Buy Now via Home Depot

Ridgid R4021 Tile Saw

This Ridgid 6.5A 7″ wet table top tile saw is on sale again for $99.

This deal is usually a Home Depot PRO Black Friday fixture, and when it’s not, they have one with a folding stand.

Some users like it, others seem to regret not buying a bigger and pricier saw. Check the user reviews before you buy one.

Price: $99

Buy Now via Home Depot

Bosch PRO Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals

Bosch GLM165-10 Laser Distance Measuring Tool

The Bosch GLM165-10 laser distance measuring tool is on sale for $39, and as mentioned in our standalone post, I think it’s a fantastic deal.

Price: $39

Buy Now via Home Depot
Buy Now via Amazon

Bosch GLL30 Kit

They also have this 30′ cross-line laser level for $40.

Price: $40

Buy Now via Home Depot

Klein PRO Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals

Klein Tools Home Depot Black Friday Deals 2020

If you swing by the electrical tool department, there’s a new Klein Tools display. One of my stores had this display near the electrical tools, the other had it in the wider aisle where they keep their recessed lights and bulbs.

There’s a 3pc electrical test kit, priced at $25, and a 3pc multi-bit screwdriver set, priced at $30. Both are described as Home Depot exclusives.

Price: $25 for the test kit, $30 for the tool set

Buy Now: Test Kit via Home Depot
Buy Now: Tool Set via Home Depot

Note: The website is showing a higher price for the test kit at the time of this posting.

Makita PRO Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals

Makita ImpactX Screwdriver Bit Set E-00038

I didn’t see it in stores, but Home Depot has this E-00038 100pc impact screwdriver bit set priced at $20.

This was a PRO Black Friday deal last year, and so maybe my local stores just didn’t put their displays out yet.

Price: $20

Buy Now via Home Depot

There’s a noticeable scarcity of Makita Black Friday deals at Home Depot this year – I wonder why. Maybe it just has to do with space, or perhaps there were supply chain limitations.

Other Deals

Gorilla Ladders GLWP-47

This Gorilla Ladders aluminum work platform is priced at $24. I wish mine had an integrated handle like this one.

Gorilla Ladders Work Platform

The online price says $23.88, but the photo I took at the store had multiple signs pricing this at $24.88.

Sounds like a good reason to order online for in-store pickup. Hey, a dollar is a dollar – that’s a 4% difference here.

Price: $24

Buy Now via Home Depot

If you find any other deals worth mentioning, please let us know!

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