Best Product – Home Depot PRO Black Friday 2020: Milwaukee Jab Saw 2-Pack for $10 with Free Shipping

Milwaukee Jab Saw 2-Pack

Right after I posted about the Dewalt jab saw deal that’s going on right now, I checked the price of Milwaukee’s jab saw.

They’re $8 each. That’s not a bad price, although it also doesn’t seem to be very special either – $8 is its everyday price.


But then I looked deeper, and it looks like last year’s Home Depot PRO Black Friday deal has returned for 2020 as an online-only special.

Why buy 1 for $8 if you can buy 2 for $10?

This 2-pack is a very good deal, unless you anticipate only needing one jab saw for the foreseeable future. In that case, maybe you can split a 2-pack with a buddy. Save one as a spare? One for home, one for work?

What makes the price even sweeter is that Home Depot has both SKUs available for free shipping and with no minimum order amount required. $10 for 2 jab saws shipped is a good deal.

I’ve used Milwaukee’s 6″ jab saw before, and have had great experiences with it thus far, although it doesn’t see much use with me.

Buy Now: 2-Pack via Home Depot
Buy Now: 1 via Home Depot
Compare: Dewalt via Amazon

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