Best Product – Home Depot Labor Day Tool Deals: 10 Best Bargains (2020)

Home Depot Labor Day Savings Tool Deals 2020

We partnered with Home Depot to help promote their upcoming Labor Day Savings Event 2020, which is choc-full of money-saving tool deals. In addition to this being a paid campaign, they supplied me with a gift card and loose instructions to tell you about what I spend it on. (More on that soon.)

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Dewalt Buy More Save More Cordless Power Tools and Accessory Deal

Dewalt Buy More Save More Home Depot Tool Deal

In trying to find a good image to start this post off with, I happened across a Dewalt “buy more save more” promo that I had been previously unaware of. Taking a closer look at this deal and the tools that are eligible, I have a good idea about what I’ll be spending that gift card on!!

Now through 11/1/2020, save up to $175 on select Dewalt cordless power tool purchases.

Save $30 when you spend between $199 and $348.

Save $90 when you spend between $349 and $498.

Save $175 when you spend $499 or more!

The promo focusing on Dewalt Atomic cordless power tools, but also includes other Dewalt 20V Max brushless cordless power tools, such as their brushless sander, router, jig saw, circular saw, rotary hammer, 3-speed premium hammer drill, polisher, and so much more.

Specialty tools are also included in this promo, such as Dewalt’s metal-cutting shears, brushless 7/16″ impact wrench, cable stripper, and their tripod LED worklight.

This isn’t part of Home Depot’s Labor Day tool deals, but it looks to be the best deal on their website at the moment, especially if you inch above that $499 threshold for the maximum savings amount.

Shop Now: Eligible Dewalt Tools

Top 5 Home Depot Labor Day Tool Deals

“Home Depot, please tell me about your BEST TOOL DEALS!”

Here are the top 5 tool deals that Home Depot will be featuring as part of their Labor Day Savings Event, and they do seem to be good bargains.

You should know that, even though these deals would have caught my attention, they’re also on a list of focused “please consider featuring these products” tool deals supplied to me for post consideration. Even so, 4 out of 5 of these highlighted deals would have me say “I’d definitely get that for myself,” with that last one being a deal I’d buy for someone else.

Dewalt Gen 2 20V Max Cordless Blower Kit

Home Depot Labor Day Tool Deals - Dewalt Cordless Blower Kit

This new Dewalt cordless blower kit will quite possibly be one of the top sellers of this sales event. We’re going into fall soon, which means leaves on the ground that need to be corralled. Or maybe you need to clean up your pathways. Even in winter, cordless blowers can usually be used to clear a powder coating of snow.

This is Dewalt’s latest and greatest brushless blower, featuring more power. Compared to the older model, this one delivers greater airflow and faster air speeds thanks to the included concentrator nozzle.

I’ve been using a review sample for some time, and have had wonderful experiences with it so far.

A few months ago, the MSRP was set at $199. Home Depot has the 1-battery 5.0Ah kit (charger included) on sale for $169. The bare tool without a battery or charger is priced at $139.

This is an awfully compelling deal, and one I’d also recommend to any friends or family looking to buy a capable cordless blower at a good value.

Sale Price: $169

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Milwaukee M18 Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Milwaukee M18 2691-22 Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

“Help, I need a good cordless drill and impact driver kit, and I don’t know which combo kit to choose!”

There are so very many cordless drill and impact driver combo kits to choose from, and an even greater selection of individual tool kits.

This Milwaukee M18 cordless power tool combo kit, 2691-22, is a solid offering, and it’s going to be on sale at the Black Friday price of $149. As I prepare this post, it’s priced at $199 at Home Depot and numerous other authorized retailers.

You get a very capable cordless drill, a powerful impact driver, (2) batteries, a charger, and a carrying bag.

Why buy this combo kit? It offers an exceptionally good balance between capabilities and value, fulfilling the needs of many users for a hair under $150. It would be a very hard task to find better tools for the same money.

There are of course better options out there, from Milwaukee Tool and other brands, but not in this price range. If you ask me, this is the best pro-grade 18V-class cordless drill and impact driver combo kit for $150 or less.

Sale Price: $149

Buy Now via Home Depot

Gorilla Ladders 18ft Multi-Reach Ladder

Gorilla Ladders Multi-Reach Ladder 18ft

Ladders are one of those tools where you either have the right one for the job or you don’t. With a multi-functional ladder, you get a sort of do-it-all in just one product.

I bought one a few years back, and I admittedly don’t love it. But, its versatility is undeniable. My frustration was in using my ladder at max extension by myself – in such uses its heavy weight is very noticeable. I have since purchased a true extension ladder, but continue to keep my multi-position ladder for its stepladder and other A-frame ladder configurations.

Home Depot’s Labor Day tool sale will feature this Gorilla Ladders 18ft ladder, with a 300 lb Type IA rating.

This ladder can be used as a twin step ladder, with 300 lb load rating on each side, an extension ladder with 18′ max reach, a stairway ladder, and a 90 degree ladder.

It’s made of aluminum and features oversized hinges, quarter-turn locks, and armored feet with slip-resistant pads. It folds up nice and neat for storage.

I have had great experiences with Gorilla Ladders products, and looking at the user reviews, others’ experiences with this ladder seem to have been equally positive.

Sale Price: $129

Buy Now via Home Depot

Husky Heavy Duty Garage Storage Shelving

Husky Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack at Home Depot

This Husky 4-tier steel garage shelving unit measures 77″ W x 78″ H x 24″ D, and is slightly smaller than their incredibly popular 5-tier shelving product.

I’ve checked out this Husky shelving unit in-store a couple of times, and it feels incredibly sturdy.

The 24″ depth is an upgrade over the 12″, 16″, and 18″ depths of most consumer products. This unit can support up to 1500 lbs, and has metal grate shelves which should hold up over time.

If I could fit its footprint in my garage – and I’ve tried to clear space for one a couple of times now – this is what I’d get.

Sale Price: $169

Buy Now via Home Depot

HDX 27 Gallon Storage Totes

Husky 27 Gallon Storage Tote

I bought a couple of HDX 27 gallon totes, the ones that’ll be on sale and featured for Labor Day, and they’ve held up well. Its construction is more basic than on some of my other – and pricier – tote boxes, but that meant I could buy more for less money. They stack well, and better than anticipated – I thought for sure I’d have caved one or more of the lids in by now.

This isn’t very glamorous when it comes to tool deals, but it fits the bill if you’re looking for value-priced bulk storage totes.

Sale Price: $8.98

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5 More HOT Home Depot Tool Deals

I like to save money on tools when possible – who wouldn’t?! With that in mind, here are a couple of deals that piqued my attention.

Milwaukee M18 Compact 2.0Ah Battery

Milwaukee M18 2Ah Compact Battery

A Milwaukee M18 compact Li-ion cordless power tool battery? Really? Yes, really. As part of the Home Depot Labor Day sales event, this M18 2.0Ah battery is on sale for $59.

The CP 2.0Ah battery provides 33% more charge capacity than 1.5Ah batteries, and it’s smaller and lighter than XC batteries.

Sure, you can sometimes get Milwaukee M18 3Ah battery 2-packs on sale for $99, but here’s the deal if you want promo pricing on their compact battery.

Sale Price: $59

Buy Now via Home Depot

Milwaukee M12 Starter Pack and Free Cordless Inflator

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Power Tool Starter Kit

Buy this Milwaukee M12 cordless starter kit, which comes with (2) CP 2.0Ah batteries, a charger, and carrying case, and you can choose between several free tool options.

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Inflator

There are a couple of free tool options included in the promo, but I think that the M12 cordless inflator, typically $79 by itself, makes for the best bargain.

Sale Price: $99 for the bundle

Buy Now: M12 Starter Kit
Buy Now: M12 Inflator

Milwaukee 6pc Screwdriver Set

Milwaukee 6pc Screwdriver Set

Quite simply put, here’s a great Milwaukee 6pc screwdriver set at a good price.

I own more premium screwdrivers, and plenty of multi-bit screwdrivers, but it’s always good to have dedicated drivers that are also comfortable to use. It’s also good to have screwdrivers that you don’t mind abusing if need-be. These can handle it – Milwaukee knows how you use your screwdrivers, and designed these accordingly.

Sale Price: $15

Buy Now via Home Depot

Husky 37 inch Rolling Tool Box Utility Cart

Husky Rolling Tool Box Utility Cart

Husky’s 37 inch rolling tool box utility cart is large, sturdy, and well-sealed against the elements. It’s a good way to transport a lot of stuff.

I received two of these rolling tool boxes for review, and am gearing up to donate the second one to the local department of public works. After I described it, they assured me they already knew what they’d use it for.

This massive rolling tool box measures 37″ L x 23″ W x 23.5″ H, and has a 50 gallon and 100 lb weight capacity. Its 8″ wheels move over different terrain with ease, and the handle extends for transport.

Sale Price: $70

Buy Now via Home Depot

Ridgid 18V Brushless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Ridgid Brushless Drill Impact Driver Combo kit+

The Milwaukee M18 cordless drill and impact driver combo kit I discussed above is a good buy at $149. But what if you want more? More power? Longer runtime? Larger batteries?

This Ridgid 18V cordless power tool combo kit features their heavy duty brushless hammer drill, a brushless impact driver, charger, carrying case, and (2) 4.0Ah batteries.

I reviewed Ridgid’s brushless drill here a while back, and it’s such a beast.

This is going to the best value brushless drill and impact driver combo kit, at least until the winter holiday season during which time it’ll still be an extremely competitive option at strong value.

There are many other options at the same ~$200 price point, but as far as I am aware, Ridgid’s claims of “best-in-class torque” for both the drill and impact driver have yet to be challenged.

Sale Price: $199

Buy Now via Home Depot

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