Best Product – Holiday Deal: Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool for $25

Leatherman SideKick Multi-Tool Fanned Open

Looking to buy an inexpensive multi-tool that’s also functional and of decent quality? Leatherman’s Sidekick is currently on sale at Home Depot, online and in-stores, for $25.

I previously reviewed the Sidekick, and continue to recommend it. I also tend to buy at least one more every holiday season. The Sidekick is nice because it has spring-loaded pliers, and while the tools aren’t the same as in Leatherman’s premium multi-tools, they’re quite good. Plus, the Sidekick is still made in the USA and has the same 25-year warranty as other tools.


Home Depot Leatherman Sidekick Display Holiday 2014

The Wingman is another good entry-level Leatherman. I compared the two tools, and find each to have their pros and cons.

Home Depot’s sale price is currently $25, but that might change as Black Friday inches closer. Or it might not. In recent years, the Sidekick has sold for between $20 and $30 during the holiday season. It also pays to keep an eye on Amazon, as they sometimes price-match Home Depot’s promo price.

Seasoned multi-tool users might look at the Sidekick’s $25 sale price and scoff, wondering where they cut corners. The Sidekick isn’t as robust, featured, or finely polished as Leatherman’s higher-priced tools, but it’s definitely still a great multi-tool. It’s well suited as a first multi-tool, or as a backup tool. I keep one in the car, for the times I don’t have another multi-tool on me.

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