Best Product – Here’s the New Tekton Folding Ratchet

Tekton Folding Ratchet

Shown here is Tekton’s new folding ratchet, a tool style I haven’t quite come across yet.

It seems to be part stubby ratchet and part… ultra-stubby?


Tekton Folding Ratchet Side View

There are two versions, with and without a quick-release button.

The Tekton folding ratchet has a 90T gear mechanism, for a minimal swing arc of 4°.

Tekton Folding Ratchet Compact View

When unfolded, the ratchet has somewhat of an offset stubby ratchet geometry. When folded over, its size is just about halved, for use in compact spaces.

Tekton promo videos show the ratchet being used in somewhat of a palm ratchet manner. So maybe it’s half palm ratchet, half stubby?

We asked Tekton what they were going for with this ratchet, and if it was meant to be a stand-in for flex-head and stubby ratchets. Here’s what they said:

This ratchet is not meant to be a replacement for flex-head and stubby ratchets—those other tools have their place and we plan to continue offering them as a part of our line. Instead, the Folding Ratchet is just specially designed to work even better in spaces where access is very limited.

Thus, it’s more of its own thing. Can we call it a half stubby, half ultra-stubby hybrid? Or is there a different way you would describe it?

Here’s some video action:

Tekton Folding Ratchet Specs

Tekton Folding Ratchet Drawing

Drive Size 3/8″
Gearing 90T
Swing Arc
Length 4.7″
Width 1.2″
Height 1.7″
Head Thickness 0.5″
Folded Working Length 2.0″
Folded Length 2.6″
Open Working Length 4.1″
Height at 90 Degrees 3.7″
Handle Sweep 180°
Weight 0.53 lb
Country of Origin Taiwan

The ratchet can be used folded, unfolded, and with the handle sticking up at 90°.

At this time, only 3/8″ ratchets have been announced, and so there is not yet word as to whether this style will also be available in 1/4″ and 1/2″ ratchet sizes.

Price: $35

Buy Now: Standard via Tekton
Buy Now: Quick Release via Tekton

ETA: Spring 2021

Tekton released a limited run, and is planning a wider release sometime in 2021.

So, what do you think – is this something you could use?