Best Product – Has Amazon Made a Good Sharpie-Style Marker?

Amazon Permanent Markers

Did you know that “Amazon Basics” now makes Sharpie-style permanent markers? That was news to me.

Right now, there’s a 24-count of assorted colors on sale for $5.49. The regular price, and the price for a 24-count of black markers is $9.49-$10. A 12-count pack is regularly $5.49 for black or assorted colors.


I like Sharpie markers. They’re durable, they’re consistent, they’re reliable. I also like more robust markers, like Milwaukee’s Inkzall markers and RevMark’s Quick Draw markers. But Sharpie markers? They’re tried and true and that never changes.

I have tried different styles of Sharpie markers over the years, and while some I liked but didn’t love, I’ve never really had problems with them.

So, Amazon Basics has entered the market, with their own permanent markers.

Also at Amazon, you can buy a 12-count of black Sharpie markers for $7 as an add-on item, meaning it ships with $25+ orders. Colored markers are priced a bit higher.

Staples has a 12-count box of black Sharpie markers for ~$12. So let’s take that $7 Amazon add-on price for comparison purposes. That comes out to $0.583 per marker. The Amazon Basics 12-count is $5.49, so that’s $0.458 per marker.

Would you go with the Amazon Basics brand to save ~12-1/2 cents per marker?

I might give them a try, just to see how they are. If you try them, or have tried them, please let me know what you think!

Buy Now(24-count colored markers via Amazon – on sale at the time of this posting)
Buy Now(12-count black markers)
Compare(Sharpie 12-count black markers)

The 24-count pack doesn’t exactly have workshop-typical colors, but most look usable. It’s still a good buy even if you give some of the less favorable colors to someone else.

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