Best Product – Harbor Freight News: More Hercules Brushless Power Tools Coming in Spring 2021

Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Brushless Tool Tech

Harbor Freight recently sent out an email, promoting their new Hercules 20V Max brushless angle grinder that we recently posted about.

In that email, Harbor Freight showed the above image, saying that their brushless motor tech is jobsite tested technology, delivering up to 45% more runtime.


Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Brushless Tool Tech Details

Their “learn more” link directs readers to a Hercules cordless power tool landing page, where there is a single panel briefly describing brushless motor tech as more efficient.

They tout intelligent electronic communication between motor and battery, and batteries that deliver extended performance.

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Harbor Freight has also teased about new Hercules brushless cordless power tools, set to launch in Spring 2021. That puts the following new tools at roughly 4-7 months out.

Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Brushless Reciprocating Saw

There will be a new Hercules brushless reciprocating saw, featuring an anti-vibration design and keyless blade change. Harbor Freight says it will deliver 60% more cuts per charge.

Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool

The new Harbor Freight oscillating multi-tool is said to have a universal blade interface, keyless accessory change, and deliver constant power under load.

Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Brushless Circular Saw

Lastly, there is set to be a new brushless Hercules circular saw, with 7-1/4″ blade size, right-facing blade, and 2-1/2″ max cutting depth at 90°.

We don’t really know much more about these upcoming Harbor Freight Hercules 20V brushless power tools, but it’s certainly interesting to know they’re working on an expansion.

Why tease about these new tools now? Harbor Freight may be looking to lure over new customers and Hercules cordless power tool users. Knowing what’s on the horizon can be quite convincing to those shopping for specific tools now and with plans to upgrade or expand their kit in the future.

I wonder – is brushless motor tech jobsite tested because other brands have fielded such tools for years now, or has Harbor Freight ramped up their R&D efforts, sending prototypes out into pro users’ hands in a similar manner as some other brands have been doing.