Best Product – Fisher Bullet Space Pen is Perfect for EDC


The Fisher Space Pen seems awfully gimmicky, but it actually performs remarkably well. No, you’ll probably never need to use it in zero-gravity conditions, but the ballpoint pen works at any angle, which is definitely a handy feature for an EDC (everyday carry) pen. It also writes over greasy surfaces, under water, and ink still flows at extreme temperatures.

Beyond all that, the Fisher Bullet Space Pen is remarkably compact. While sized to be carried in a pocket, small tool box, or bag, opening the Bullet and attaching the cap gives it the length and feel of a full-size pen.


Bullet space pens are built with brass metal bodies and are available in many different finishes. If there are too many color or style options for you to choose from, try limiting yourself to the popular chrome or matte black styles.

Most bullet pen styles are priced at $15-20, and those with specialty finishes are priced at ~$20+. Replacement pressurized ink cartridges are widely available for $5-8.

Refill point sizes: fine, medium, bold.
Refill colors: blue, black, red, green, burgundy, purple, brown, turquoise, silver.

Only blue and black cartridges are available with bold points.

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I misplaced my trusty chrome bullet space pen ($16.50 via Amazon), and took the opportunity to purchase two new ones – a cherry red bullet and a black Cap-O-Matic retractable pen ($12 via Amazon).

All Fisher Bullet Space Pens, except possibly those with built-in stylus tips, are currently made in the USA (as of Feb 2014).