Best Product – (Expired) Olight Valentine’s Day Flashlight Sale 2021

Olight LED Flashlight Valentines Day Sale 2021

Whoops – I got my days mixed up and scheduled this post on Olight’s Valentine’s Day sale a little late – sorry about that! (Email subscribers are going to see this newsletter at an unusual time of day.)

Olight’s Valentine’s Day sale ends 11:59pm ET 1/26/2021.


Here’s what’s on sale:

Olight LED Flashlight Valentines Day Sale 2021 OPen Blue

First up, the O’Pen 2 is available in a limited edition blue finish. This is half-pen, half LED flashlight. The two parts separate for convenient use, and replacement ink refills are available to help extend the life of the 2-in-1 product.

It’s a pretty neat pen, with 4 brightness levels ranging from 5 to 120 lumens, built-in rechargeable battery, and up to 10 hours of runtime.

Olight LED Flashlight Valentines Day Sale 2021 OPen Blue i3T Ti Bundle

The pen is $45 by itself, and there’s also a OPen 2 pen and i3T Ti AAA LED flashlight bundle for $63.

Olight LED Flashlight Valentines Day Sale 2021 Bundles

There are several other Olight flashlight bundles included in this promo, with a theme of “his and hers” flashlights. The purple i5T EOS LED flashlight offers have sold out, but they have been replaced with a few different bundle options.

I have used most of these lights now (either purchased or as test samples), and they have in no uncertain terms won me over to rechargeable LED flashlights. I still use AA, AAA, and CR123A flashlights for EDC and around the workshop, and even D-cell flashlights on occasion, but an Olight S1R Baton II has become my go-to for daily use, thanks to its size, brightness, and easy magnetic tailcap recharging.

If you miss this promo (sorry!), take a look and plan ahead for the next flash sale.

Freebie Tiers

  • Spend $129+, get a free i3T
  • Spend $199+, get a free M1T Plus
  • Spend $299+, get a free Seeker 2

Buy Now via Olight

Ends 11:59pm ET 1/26/2021.

I’m guessing the early timing for the Valentine’s Day sale to ensure that your flashlight gifts arrive on time for the holiday.