Best Product – Exotic Tools and Brands – Show and Tell Part 1

Exotic Tools and Brands - Part 1

This probably won’t come as a surprise to many of you, but I really enjoy exploring – and sharing about – new and unfamiliar tool brands and styles.

Here is a collection of 11 tools from my kit. You would be hard pressed to find any of these tools at the local hardware store or home center, except for maybe Phillips screwdriver bits, although certainly not these.


Starting from the top left corner:

  • Bausch & Lomb 5x loupe (magnifier)
  • Canary short blade cardboard cutter
  • WE Knives titanium pry bar tool
  • PB Swiss offset Phillips screwdriver
  • Tone breaker bar spinner handle
  • Victorinox bit driver
  • KWB Swiss LongLife pocket calipers
  • Tone 3/8″ quick socket adapter
  • Vessel Phillips screwdriver bits with tool magnetizer
  • Hozan rounded-tip tweezers
  • Engineer Inc ceramic tip tweezers

Most of these tools were purchased because they seemed potentially useful for my own needs, and some were purchased because they seemed interesting for exploration and review purposes. Often these justifications aren’t mutually exclusive.

Each tool was purchased to fill a need or help answer a question.

Take the 1/4″ breaker bar for example; I don’t need another breaker bar, but this one struck me as interesting, as it has a passive locking mechanism to help keep the square drive anvil positioned at a set angle. Does it work better than standard breaker bars? “Maybe, let’s find out.”

There are 11 tools from 10 different brands here.

How many of these brands are you familiar with? Which of these tools are you interested in learning more about?

Some of the tools have not yet seen much use, such as the PB Swiss offset Phillips screwdriver, which has largely been redundant since I have low profile bit drivers. I thought it could be useful, and there is still time for it to prove me right.

If anyone is up for a friendly game, you get 1 point for every tool and brand you recognize, for a maximum score of 21.

If you want an extra challenge – do you know where each of the tools brands are based? I haven’t doublechecked, but one is an American brand, one is a Chinese brand, three are Swiss brands, and five are Japanese brands.