Best Product – Everyday Bargain? Estwing Demo Screwdrivers For $15

Estwing Demo Screwdrivers

Someone asked for input about demolition screwdrivers? I recommended Milwaukee, but they expressed hesitation and wanted more choices.

Dewalt? I still use an older Stanley demo screwdriver design, and the Dewalt screwdrivers are similar but made in Asia as opposed to the UK. The Dewalt drivers are also smooth-handled, which might not be as recommendable as drivers with rubbery handle grips.


I like Irwin’s demolition screwdrivers a lot, mainly due to the handle design. But they’re $23 for the 2pc set.

By the way, many demo screwdrivers are sold in a 2-piece set with Phillps #2 and slotted 5/16″ drivers and 6″ shaft lengths.

You also want to look for metal handle striking caps and potentially hex-shaped shafts as well for turning with a wrench for extra torque.

They mentioned Estwing.

I LOVE Estwing USA-made hammers. They also now make air nailers, outdoors knives, and apparently screwdrivers as well.

You can buy these demolition screwdrivers for $10 each or the 2pc set for $15.

They look alright, and seem to have very positive user reviews so far. I think? There are apparently 12 global ratings but no actual user reviews at Amazon?

Someone answered the question of where they’re made with:

The Estwing 2-Piece Heavy-Duty Demolition Screwdriver Set (42449) was designed and developed in The United States and is currently manufactured in China.

That wasn’t unexpected.

I don’t know… I have zero experience with Estwing screwdrivers, but these look alright. They check off a number of boxes – through-shafts, striking caps, hex shaft, and the handles are made from hard plastic (polypropylene) with a softer TPR overmolded rubber grip.

These look like they could be an everyday bargain. That of course falls apart if they’re not very good, but I’d hope Estwing would only put their name on quality products.

Price: $15

Buy Now via Amazon
Compare: Irwin Set via Amazon
Compare: Milwaukee via Home Depot

Can you recommend anything better for same money?