Best Product – Engineer Inc Bit Pit, a Keychain-Sized 1/4″ Hex Screwdriver Bit Dock

Engineer Inc Bit Pit

Screwdriver bits can get lost in a pouch, tool bag, or tool box, and the larger the bag or box, the easier for these guys to get lost in there if you put them in their loose. Doesn’t it stink to have to pause a task or project to hunt down a missing screwdriver bit, bit holder, nut driver, or other such cordless power tool accessory?

Engineer Inc makes a Bit Pit keychain-style accessory that keeps an individual screwdriver bit in a safe place.


I’m going to be frank here – Engineer Inc’s Bit Pits never quite fulfilled my vision of how I’d use them, although I do see how others might find them useful. Influencers have been oohing and aahing over this type of bit storage accessory for a few months, and so I guess they’re growing in popularity. Or, maybe it’s just a social media trend, I don’t know.

Basically, the Engineer Inc Bit Pit is a quick-release bit holder, but you can’t actually use it as a screwdriver. That’s the part that frustrates me – it’s just a storage device, meant for keeping your 1/4″ hex 2″ power bits easily accessible and exactly where you put it.

The last I checked, these didn’t play nicely with 1″ bits.

Engineer Bit Pit Screwdriver

These are pricey, too. At $10 each they seem expensive, but the build quality reflects the price. If you want something similar for cheap, you could modify a bit holder yourself for storage purposes, although a locking bit holder will cost at least as much.

I bought a silver and a green back in 2012 a couple of days after I posted about them, and I remember the sting of that Amazon order. $10 each? For bit holders that aren’t effective as pocket screwdrivers?

I suppose you can rig them up to be more useful, such as with a purchased or 3D-printed fingertip handle. But still, these are designed purely as storage devices.

They are quite good at their task, though, and I think Bit Pit is clever and appropriate naming by Engineer Inc. But it’s a matter of needing what they can do.

If you need a place to dock your screwdriver bits, and your drill or driver doesn’t have any fancy magnetic or spring steel bit holder built-in, these are more secure and practical than the many magnetic wrist-straps and tool wraparound accessories on the market.

All this is to say that I have grown to appreciate the theoretical benefits of this accessory, although I ordered a pair just after posting about them back in 2012, and ultimately didn’t need then. They were unnecessary when I had them at-hand, and somewhere else when I really could have used them. Maybe I’ll dig them up again and give it another try.

I think they’re neat designs and well-made. This isn’t something I’d buy again for personal use, but maybe your needs and wants are different.

If you could use it, I think you’ll like it.

Price: ~$10

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What do you currently use to keep a screwdriver bit or two easily retrievable?