Best Product – Early Black Friday 2018 Tool Deals: Craftsman Tape Measures (made in USA)

Craftsman CMHT82597Z Tape Measure 2-Pack Black Friday 2018 Deal

Over at Lowes, they’re kicking off Early Black Friday 2018 with many Craftsman tool deals. What would be a holiday tool deals season without tape measure 2-packs?

This bundle (CMHT82597) features (2) of the new Craftsman CMHT37525 25′ foot tape measures, featuring a slide lock, 1-1/4″ blade, large markings, and 11 foot standout.


The tapes measures are made in the USA with global materials.

Price: $15

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I visited a nearby Lowes and bought both styles of tape measure 2-packs of Craftsman tape measures for review. I think they’re definitely good DIYer tape measures. (If you have questions about either style, ask away and I’ll try to answer.)

The blade is indeed nice and wide, and I was able to get 11 feet of standout. The spring isn’t weak, but it’s not as strong and fast as on the pro brands’ latest and greatest premium tapes. It’s a good DIYer tape measure, and a great deal.

Craftsman CMHT82600Z Tape Measure 2-Pack Black Friday 2018 Deal

Spend a little more, and there’s the CMHT82600 bundle with (2) CMHT37825 25-foot tape measures.

The tapes are also 1-1/4″ wide, and feature a magnetic hook. Standout is said to be 13 feet, and the tape features some extra protection to help it better endure jobsite conditions.

This one is also made in the USA using global materials.

Price: $25

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The lock is different, the blade is a little more reinforced – at least at the end near the hook, and the hook is magnetic.

This one’s a step up from the other Craftsman tape. I think the other 2-pack is the better bargain, but these are also good tapes. I couldn’t quite achieve 13 feet of standout, but I’ll try again when I start doing more controlled testing for the review.

Craftsman Multi-Pack Hi-Viz Tape Measures Lowes Black Friday 2018 Tool Deal

There is one other Craftsman tape measure bundle pack, although I didn’t see it anywhere in stores. It’s only online (for now?), and showing zero availability for my area. Given the timing, I’d say that this will be a Lowes Black Friday 2018 Craftsman deal.

Check back on this one in a few weeks.

I purchased a Stanley PowerLock tape measure 4-pack a few years ago, and also a hi-visibility 4-pack similar to this one. These tapes are not made in the USA.

If they’re as smooth to use as the Stanley’s of similar design and style, I’ll be ordering a set as soon as they’re available for home “parcel” delivery. I’ll then give the 25-footer away and keep the two 12-footers and the 16-footer. I find that I’m liking shorter tapes more and more.

Price: $9.98

Buy Now(via Lowes)

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