Best Product – Digital Setup Gauge Set – Special Buy

Lee Valley Digital Setup Gauges 99W6306

Lee Valley is advertising a 2-piece digital setup gauge set, including a height gauge and a magnetic level box (also called an angle gauge) for just under $30. The cheapest I could find similar gauges for was about $20 each, and so buying this set saves you at least $10.

Lee Valley has free shipping on orders over $30, but they strategically priced the set at $29.50. So, in order to take advantage of free shipping, you’ll have to add something else to your cart.

A height gauge is used for tasks like setting the blade height on a table saw, or the bit height on a router table. On this particular model, the display and scale can be removed from the frame and mounted with screws. It is powered by an included CR2032 battery and has an accuracy of ±0.1mm.


A digital level box is used to measure the angle of a saw blade. Magnets allow the gauge to stick to ferromagnetic surfaces, such as a saw blade or an adjustable cast iron table. With a table saw, it is used by first zeroing the gauge on the saw’s table and then measuring the angle on the blade. It is powered by a single AAA battery and has a accuracy of ±0.2°.

WIXWR25 Digital Height Gauge

The blade height gauge looks suspiciously like the Wixey gauge ($24 via Amazon), and I suspect it is probably an unlabeled OEM version. As for the digital level box, I cannot find another model that is similar. All of the other brands’ gauges I could find have slightly different button configurations, and the gauge that Lee Valley is selling also has a unique indented area for the buttons.

Price: $30

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Lee Valley says that this is a special buy with limited stock, and so the deal can end at any time.

Here are some ideas in case you need to push your order total over $30 for free shipping: