Best Product – Diablo AMPED Carbide Reciprocating Blade is “IMPOSSIBLY Durable”

Diablo Amped Metal-Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade

Back in October, Diablo came out with a new Steel Demon AMPED carbide-tooth reciprocating saw blade.

Diablo says these blades will “AMP up your cutting performance:”


Featuring innovative blade technology, industry firsts to provide the longest cutting life, maximum performance and the most extreme versatility in thick metals applications.

Diablo promises “up to 100X longer life in thick metals.”

Diablo Amped Metal-Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade Thickness Chart

With titanium cobalt (TiCo) high-density carbide teeth, and a black “I.C.E.” coating, Diablo says these new Amped reciprocating saw blades will deliver maximum efficiency, longest cutting life, and extreme versatility in thick metal-cutting applications.

The blades seem a little pricey – $15 for the 6-inch 8 TPI blade, and $20 for the 9-inch 8 TPI blade, but that could be justified if the blades indeed last up to 100X as long as other blades.

These blades are designed for cutting cast iron, high strength alloys, stainless steel, and other thick metals 3/16″ to 9/16″ thick.

Based on the product claims, the cutting teeth are supposed to be more wear resistant (based on the longevity claims), but also more impact resistant thanks to an enhanced carbide tip to blade connection. The blade coating is said to be slick, providing for a “lubricant-like action” for better chip removal and to help keep the blade cool.

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I have not been able to find these blades locally yet to try them for myself (I checked the local Home Depot yesterday), but I know someone who has.

Dan, over at Tools in Action (web, YouTube, Instagram) has been testing out the new Diablo Amped reciprocating saw blades, and he really likes it a lot.




These are some of the words Dan used to describe what he’s seen with these blades so far.

I have known Dan for TEN YEARS now (whoa), and frankly speaking, he doesn’t BS me. He won’t BS you either. We very regularly disagree about tools, but usually over matters of opinion or preference.

So when Dan says these are the most durable and heaviest duty metal-cutting reciprocating saw blades he’s ever used, and that he’s still in awe that they’re performing exactly as Diablo claims, I believe him 100%.

It seems that these new Diablo Amped reciprocating saw blades have raised the bar.

Diablo Amped Metal-Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade After Heavy Use

It’s hard to argue about a blade that can cut through 3 ball hitches without a break and still have the teeth intact to go at it again.

The blades were designed for cutting through thick metal up to 9/16″, but they seem to have cut through the hardened steel balls without trouble.

Do you think this blade will AMP-up your thick metal cutting?

Check it out: