Best Product – Dewalt Cordless Fan Poll: AC Power or Upgraded Motor?

Dewalt Cordless Fan DCE511 vs DCE512 Poll

Over on ToolGuyd’s Instagram channel, I asked everyone a question about the new Dewalt cordless fan, model DCE512.

It seems that the new Dewalt DCE512 20V Max cordless fan features more airflow – 650 CFM vs. 500 CFM – than its predecessor, model DCE511, but it lacks one important feature – an AC power option.


With the older model, you could use a 20V Max battery or standard 3-prong extension cord to power the fan, and a lot of people did take advantage of this feature. It is unclear why Dewalt removed this feature from the new model.

I found it interesting that the poll results so far are 2:1 in favor of the cordless plus AC power option, vs. more airflow. I expected the margin to be a bit steeper.

Personally, I like the idea of being able to plug a cordless fan into AC power for longer runtime, but greater airflow sounds good too. I couldn’t tell you why we can’t have both with the new model, but I’m sure Dewalt has their reasons.

Which way would you have voted?

Both fans are available at most retailers for $99.

Street Price: $99

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