Best Product – Dewalt 14pc Drill Bit Set for $10!

Dewalt 14pc Drill Bit Set Black and Gold

Dewalt’s 14pc drill bit set, DWA1184, is once again on sale for $9.98 at Amazon.

This 14pc drill bit set includes 135° split point drill bits ranging in size from 1/16″ to 1/2″.


It looks like Amazon is the only retailer to offer this promo for the 2021 holiday shopping season so far. Home Depot has a different promo set for this year, and I have not seen any equivalent deal at Lowe’s yet.

Home Depot’s special buy deal is for a 10pc set that’s priced at $8, and I’ll be posting about it separately. In my opinion, this 14pc set is the superior value for just $2 more.

Price: $9.98

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Quick Summary

This is a very good value for decent drill bits, and the set also includes larger sizes that are typically left out of promo assortments. I have taken advantage of this promo in the past, and would eagerly buy it again at this price.

Deal History

We first became aware of this “special buy” in November 2020, and it returned for the Father’s Day 2021 shopping season.

As of this posting, the deal returned to Amazon for the 2021 early Black Friday/holiday shopping season.


Despite having more than enough drill bits, I couldn’t pass on this deal.

Sometimes I can never find the one size I need, especially with smaller sizes, because I either broke, dulled, or misplaced the last one I had in that size and dragged my feet on replacing it.

Or, I’ll want something a little more “general purpose” to drill into a tough material, such as MDF, than my shiny USA-made HSS drill bits that I buy for use on aluminum and plastic materials.

I have had great experiences with Dewalt drill bits in the past, and this set is no different. These have a split point 135° tip (for reduced wandering when starting a hole), and 3-flat shank on the larger sizes for more secure gripping.

After using them for a couple of projects over the past year, I’d say this set is a solid recommendation and a fantastic buy at $10!

Are these the best drill bits? No way. But for $10?! This is the best 14pc set of drill bits from 1/16″ to 1/2″ for the money.

If you’ve used this set or style of Dewalt drill bits before, what have your experiences been like?

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