Best Product – Deal of the Day: Kershaw USA-Made Leek Folding Knives for $30 (12/16/16)

Kershaw Leek Onion Knife Blades Deployed Front

I have a very strong liking for my Kershaw Leek folding knives (reviewed here). I own pricier knives, some costing several times the Leek’s typical $30-something price, but I see no reason to part with them.

If you’ve never had a “nice” pocket knife before, perhaps try a Leek. It’s got a 3″ blade, which is usefully long and comfortably short.


Most of the Leek models are on sale for $30 – a great price – and there are some fancier ones costing a little more.

These knives have assisted opening mechanisms, which means you provide some power to open them, and a spring takes it the rest of the way. They are NOT automatic knives, but be sure to check the rules of your locality before purchasing or carrying the knife.

The Leek is made in the USA, and is one of the best values I’ve seen when it comes to pocket knives.

Buy Now

Today’s Amazon deal of the day ends at 3am ET on 12/17/16, unless supplies run out sooner.

I have only owned and used the stainless steel handled versions, but the anodized aluminum handled models have called to me before. For $30, I’m picking up a teal version.

Correction: I owe it to you guys to check out the aluminum-handled version. Yep, that’s the only reason I’ve ordered one. A teal Leek is on the way!

Interested in a different Kershaw knife? There’s also a $10 off $50+ coupon on select Kershaw knives – but it doesn’t stack on already-discounted Leek.

The Knockout is nice (I bought one). The Blur is popular. The Link is also a good model.