Best Product – Deal: Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool and Knife Gift Sets

Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool and Knife Set in Blue

I keep waiting for a good Leatherman Skeletool multi-tool deal, but haven’t found one yet. But what I did find was good pricing on Leatherman multi-tool and knife combo gift sets.

I bought one of these knives in the Fall, for $25. With that in mind, I think these gift sets are a good value, despite not being as good as previous years’ Skeletol multi-tool-only holiday sales.


But, even if the Skeletool multi-tool were on sale, it’s highly likely that it would have only been on the standard stainless steel model. It’s rare to find deals on colored versions of Leatherman multi-tools.

Over at Amazon, a 3rd party retailer has several new Leatherman Skeletool multi-tool and Skeletool KBX knife bundle packs up, and priced at $60.

While not a great deal, it at least looks like a good one. If you look at colored Leatherman tools, than this deal does look a lot better. The Skeletool multi-tool in blue, green, or black, is $50 by itself.

Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool and Knife Gift Set Color Options

You have your choice of blue, green, black, or stainless finish.

Price: $60 with free shipping

Buy Now: Blue | Black | Green | Stainless
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Compare(Skeletool KBX Knife)

P.S. The Gerber Center Drive multi-tool is still on sale for $59.