Best Product – Deal: Leatherman Free Pocket Tools Set with $99 Purchase (5/2020)

Leatherman By the Numbers 3

I have come to agree with many of you – Leatherman FREE is probably not the best name the brand could have come up with. The Leatheman Free multi-tool – early review here –  is a great tool, but its name can lead to some confusing interpretations.

I received an email from Leatherman today, discussing their current affiliate program promos and discounts.


“Leatherman Free Pocket Tools Set.”

Is there a new Leatherman FREE multi-tool set, or a free pocket tools set?

The promo started a few months ago, with:

Welcome to the Leatherman Free!

Receive a “By the Numbers” 7 FREE pocket tools package with any purchase over $99. US Only.

That’s the ongoing promo listed in today’s email.

I’m sorry, I thought I could get used to the name, and I do like it – in theory – but in practice, I can’t always quickly-enough differentiate between “Leatherman Free” and “free Leatherman.”

Even in the affiliate promo language, the free and FREE are seemingly reversed.

In a vacuum, I like the name, and it seems fitting for the product line. In practice, oy, I can see why many if not most people don’t like it.

Anyway, enough about that.

Around 6 years ago, Leatherman came out with a line of “By the Numbers” mini pry bar multi-tools.

Leatherman By the Numbers Multi-Tool Pry Bars
Leatherman By the Numbers Multi-Tool Pry Bars Family

All but one of these Leatherman mini multi-tools are one-piece tools that are compact and convenient to carry. They have features such as wrench grooves, screwdriver tips, bottle openers, and prying tips.

As part of Leatherman’s current and ongoing promo, spend at least $99 at their direct store, and you get a “By the Numbers” tool set for FREE.

At this time, it looks like you get 5 one-piece multi-tools with your $99+ order:

  • Leatherman By the Numbers no. 1
  • Leatherman By the Numbers no. 2
  • Leatherman By the Numbers no. 3
  • Leatherman By the Numbers no. 8
  • Leatherman By the Numbers no. 9


Shop this Deal via Leatherman

The freebie tools are automatically added to your cart once you meet the $99 minimum and apply the coupon code.

Leatherman’s deal info says that you have to spend $99+ on “full-priced” products, but the promo looks to be working just fine on their multi-tools that are currently discounted.

Also, the “By the Numbers” tools are on “final sale” with a 75% discount. The no. 4 is still listed, but out of stock, as are the rest of the tools not included in this promo. In other words, these are likely “last chance” tools on clearance. In case you wanted to buy a couple, the current $1.80 to $2.25 prices are hard to resist.

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