Best Product – Deal: Knipex 4-in-1 Electricians’ Pliers

Knipex Electrician Pliers

Over at Walmart, they’re featuring a “Rollback” deal on the Knipex 4-in-1 electrician pliers, model 13 01 614.

I bought a pair a while back, after having them on my wishlist for what seemed like forever, and they’re convenient and handy. At just 6.25″ long, they’re short, which I like, but not quite as small-feeling as precision pliers.


The Knipex electrician pliers features a fine-grooved gripping area, wire cutting edges, and 3 wire stripper holes, for 10, 12, and 14 AWG wire. They can also be used for crimping end sleeves 0.5 to 2.5 mm^2 (AWG 20-14).

No, they’re not a substitute for full-sized long-nose pliers, fully-featured wire strippers, or side-cutting pliers. But as I mentioned, they’re convenient and handy, suited for quick tasks where you don’t need or want to retrieve tools from your bag or tool box.

Price: $28.51

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Walmart has these for $28.51, and Amazon currently has them for $31.68. In my experience, they rarely dip below $30.

Walmart’s Pro Tools store has not been as compelling as I had expected or let myself hope for. Frankly, I’m disappointed. However, this is a deal I definitely would have been interested in, if I had not already bought one on sale a few years ago.

The only catch about the deal is that you need a $35+ order to get free shipping. Or, opt for free in-store pickup (and let us know whether it’s a smooth process or not).