Best Product – Craftsman USA-Made 20pc Punch and Chisel Set plus a Canvas Tool Roll

Craftsman USA Punch and Chisel Set in Tool Roll

Over at Harry Epstein Co, I was checking out their NOS (new old stock) Craftsman tools when I came across this 20pc punch and chisel set.

I have a couple of Craftsman punches in my tool box, and maybe a chisel or two, and regret not buying more of them when I had the chance. I don’t recall who the OEM was, but they’re made in the USA, and they’ve held up well for me.


Craftsman USA Punch and Chisel Set

Here, with this Harry Epstein deal, you get a 20-piece punch and chisel set that includes the following tool sizes and styles:

  • 42971 1/4″ Cold Chisel
  • 42973 1/2″ Cold Chisel
  • 42974 5/8″ Cold Chisel
  • 42975 3/4″ Cold Chisel
  • 42976 7/8″ Cold Chisel
  • 42862 1/2″ Center Punch
  • 42841 3/8″ Prick Punch
  • 42905 1/8″ Taper Punch
  • 42882 3/32″ Pin Punch
  • 42885 3/16″ Pin Punch
  • 42886 1/4″ Pin Punch
  • 42212 1/8″ Roll Pin Punch
  • 42213 5/32″ Roll Pin Punch
  • 42215 7/32″ Roll Pin Punch
  • 42217 1/4″ Roll Pin Punch
  • 42218 5/16″ Roll Pin Punch
  • 42219 5/32″ Long Pin Punch
  • 42220 3/16″ Long Pin Punch
  • 42221 7/32″ Long Pin Punch
  • 42222 1/4″ Long Pin Punch


Craftsman USA Punch and Chisel Set in Closed Tool Roll

Plus, it all comes in a Leather Works LTD USA-made canvas tool roll.

Price: $48 plus shipping

Buy Now(via Harry Epstein Co)

Even with shipping, the set is less expensive than the other USA-made punch sets I can find online at the moment. Seems like a very good buy, if you can use most of the punches or chisels in your work.

A word of warning – Harry Epstein’s tool catalog is a fantastic collection of new and older tools. If you don’t have time to browse around, go back when you do. For instance, who knew that you could buy Korean War-era punches?