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Craftsman 2pc Screwdriver Set

As you are probably already aware of, Stanley Black & Decker now owns the Craftsman tool brand, and are selling them through Lowes. However, Sears is also still selling new and existing Craftsman products, under license.

Let’s say you have a Craftsman hand tool that you’re either not satisfied with, or has a manufacturing defect. In the past, a trip to Sears would have resulted in a replacement or even a refund. For a replacement, you didn’t even need to bring your receipt, they replaced it on the spot with an identical or equivalent tool.


Here’s what the Craftsman Hand Tool Warranty looks like today.

Craftsman (Stanley Black & Decker)

Hand Tools continue to have a full lifetime warranty. Some hand tools are considered consumables, or might be categorized differently, but the new Craftsman website breaks it down in an easy-to-understand manner.

All of these tools are covered by the full lifetime warranty:

  • Hammers & Demolition Tools
  • Finishing Tools
  • Hex Key
  • Knives & Multi-tools
  • Nut Drivers
  • Pliers
  • Rachets & Sockets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches & Wrench Sets
  • Mechanics Tool Sets
  • Individual Open Stock Tools
  • Non-Electric Automotive Tools

Other hand tools are covered by a one year limited warranty:

  • Torpedo Digital Levels
  • Standard Digital Levels
  • Staplers
  • Miter Boxes

Electronic measuring tools, such as lasers, stud finders, and laser distance measuring tools, as well as new tape measures with model numbers starting with “CMHT,” are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Electric torque wrenches are covered by a 90 day limited warranty. DigiClick torque wrenches and legacy tape measures (model number starting with “9”) are covered by a one year limited warranty.

So back to the full lifetime warranty on hand tools, here’s what it says:

If the product fails to perform for any reason, we will replace it. Return damaged product to a stocking Retail Partner or call 1-888-331-4569 for details. No proof of purchase required.

Note: Same Warranty for all New Craftsman Models (Model # starting with “CMHT”) and older models (Model # starting with “9”)

Certain Exclusions: Warranty does not cover expendable parts which can wear from normal use (i.e. blade in a knife)

Here are the notable takeaways: No proof of purchase requiredsame warranty for new and older models. Meaning, as indicated by Craftsman at least year’s launch media event, you can replace existing Craftsman tools if you’re not happy with them.

Proof of purchase is required for certain tools covered under limited warranties, such as tape measures, electronic measuring devices, DigiClick torque wrenches, metal tool storage, power tools, air tools, and outdoor power tools. More details are found on Craftsman’s warranty information pages.

How well does Lowes handle Craftsman hand tool warranty claims? That’s something we hope learn more about. But, speaking about the policy itself, I think Craftsman is doing right.

They also emphasize:

CRAFTSMAN warranties are important to our customers. We will, of course, honor existing warranties and provide similar warranty protection for all new CRAFTSMAN products.

*Thumbs up*

More Info(via Craftsman)
PDF via Craftsman

Sears Craftsman Warranty

Sears came out with new Craftsman hand tools and “Ultimate Collection” mechanics tool sets, and I’ve been debating about whether or not to post about them. Then, I wondered if their Craftsman hand tool warranty has changed.

Yes, Craftsman and Craftsman Industrial hand tools are still covered by a Hand Tool Full Warranty, at leaast those that are labeled as such in their warranty heading.

Full hand tool warranty categories: Automotive Specialty Tools (simple design), Beam Torque Wrenches, C-Clamps, Chisels, Punches, Pry Bars, Hammers, Hex Keys, Files, Levels (other than Torpedo, Digital or Electronic), Metal Squares and Combination Squares, Planers, Pliers, Ratchets, Sockets, Extension Bars, Saws, Screwdrivers, Nut & Bit Drivers, Scrapers, Putty Knives, Snips, Bolt & Wire Cutters, Tubing Cutters, Utility Knives, Wrenches (other than Torque).

To obtain the warranty coverage stated below, return the product to the Sears Brands Management Corporation authorized retailer from which it was purchased. Coverage will be fulfilled according to the retailer warranty exchange procedure and may be subject to a limitation on the number of items allowed per exchange.

If this Craftsman (or Craftsman Industrial) hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

This warranty does not cover expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period.*

Other hand tool categories not covered by this warranty receive a limited warranty, which requires proof of purchase.

NOTE: All product warranties are LIMITED except for the Hand Tool Full Warranty. To receive LIMITED warranty coverage, you must provide proof of original sale from Sears, Kmart or another Sears Brands Management Corporation authorized retailer.

So, from the language above, if it’s a Craftsman tool eligible for the full hand tools warranty, you can only return it to the “Sears Brand Management Corporation authorized retailer from which it was purchased,” and if it’s eligible for limited warranty coverage, you must provide proof that it was purchased from Sears, Kmart, or anther Sears corporation authorized retailer.

What is a “Sears Brands Management Corporation authorized retailer?” They don’t say, but it could mean Ace Hardware or Amazon, which sold or are still selling legacy Sears Craftsman tools.

More Info(via Sears)

I am liking the direction that Stanley Black & Decker and their relaunched Craftsman tool brand are going towards, and think it’s great that they’re honoring existing Craftsman tool warranties and extending the historically strong warranty coverage to new products.